New NMAX and D’elight: Yamaha offers everyone a smarter way to move

The age of Personal New Mobility is here

Never before has the Yamaha Urban Mobility line been so relevant and important to everyone who lives, works or plays in the city. The Covid pandemic has turbocharged the trend towards Personal New Mobility, and many people have changed their behaviour and are looking for alternative transport solutions that will enable them to avoid crowded places in order stay safe and secure.

Yamaha’s Urban Mobility models offer every commuter an accessible and reliable way to move in and around the city. Every model is equipped with fully automatic ‘twist-and-go’ transmission that makes them easy to ride, and the all-new NMAX 125 and all-new D’elight can be ridden on a B-licence in many European countries*, offering car drivers a quick and simple way onto two wheels.

With their two front wheels providing increased levels of traction and braking, the Tricity family is the ideal choice for commuters who appreciate the enhanced feelings of stability and confidence that come with the 3-wheel layout. The new Tricity 300 and the Tricity 125 can also be ridden on a B-licence,* giving today’s urban commuters the opportunity to make every journey easier, less expensive and more enjoyable.

Each Yamaha Urban Mobility model provides a real alternative to every commuter who wants to change their lifestyle and achieve a better work/life balance. With its sporty new body design, the all-new NMAX 125 brings premium quality and lively performance to the entry-level scooter class, while the modern new style of the all-new D’elight is designed with a specific attention to female riders looking for a light and fashionable way to move, and the Tricity 300 is now equipped with a fully EU5-compliant engine and can also be ridden on a B-licence.*

Each model offers something different to suit every individual lifestyle – but one thing they all have in common is that every Yamaha Urban Mobility scooter enables safe social distancing during the Covid pandemic and beyond.

*Limitations and restrictions may apply per country under applicable laws

All new NMAX 125

One with the city

The NMAX 125 is Yamaha’s top-selling model in the Urban Mobility class with over 72,000 sold to date, and it accounts for nearly two thirds of Yamaha’s unit sales in this increasingly important segment. In order to take the NMAX to the next level and appeal to an even greater global audience, the company has completely redesigned this important model.

First introduced in 2015, the NMAX is a premium scooter with a sporty character that is aimed at the entry-level market, and this special combination of lively engine performance along with excellent riding comfort and remarkable economy has ensured its ongoing success. Its strong performance and outstanding value for money make it the ideal urban commuter for male and female riders who need quick, easy and reliable daily transport – and its sporty good looks and fun-loving character make it the ideal set of wheels for younger owners with a busy social life. NMAX 125 can also be ridden on a B-licence* in a number of European countries, making it a real alternative to the car for all but the longest journeys.

For 2021 Yamaha the NMAX 125 gets an all-new body design as well as a new frame and a premium finish with extra detailing. The Blue Core engine is fully EU5- compliant, and perhaps the most significant change is the fitment of Yamaha’s industry-leading Simple Communication Control Unit that brings total connectivity and offers every customer a more enjoyable and better informed riding experience.

*Limitations and restrictions may apply per country under applicable laws

125cc EU5 Blue Core engine

The NMAX’s 125cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, 4-valve engine has been developed using Yamaha’s sophisticated Blue Core small engine technology that is designed to achieve the highest levels of fuel economy while also enhancing the scooter’s fun-to-ride performance. Blue Core technology focuses on three areas: increasing combustion efficiency, reducing power loss, and enhancing cooling efficiency, and it is part of an ongoing process that is constantly evolving to ensure that the NMAX – and indeed every other small capacity Yamaha – continues to be able to offer the ideal blend of power, fun and economy.

The 125cc engine’s Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology is one of the key Blue Core technologies, and features a special intake camshaft that consists of two cam lobes, one that is ideal for low to mid-rpm, and one that is ideal for high rpm. The VVA system automatically alternates between the two cams in order to achieve the most efficient combustion characteristics, giving lively performance and high levels of engine efficiency.

Producing 9.0 kW at 8000rpm, the NMAX 125 delivers strong acceleration that is designed to keep it ahead of urban traffic – and together with its extremely low fuel consumption this sporty urban commuter is one of the least expensive ways to move – as well as being one of the most enjoyable modes of urban transport.

Sporty new body design with premium finish

The sporty new body design benefits from an even higher level of finish that transforms the whole look and feel of the 2021 NMAX and takes this urban scooter up to the next level. Its all new front cowl is equipped with new twin-eye style LED headlights and a built-in position light that give a more dynamic and sophisticated look – and the integrated taillight and rear flashers reinforce the NMAX 125’s premium specification.

As well as its sharper sports look the new front cowl offers better wind and rain protection, and improved aerodynamics reduce wind noise for a higher quality riding experience.

Newly designed frame

Although it is largely hidden behind the new bodywork, the NMAX 125’s new frame has been designed to offer a number of significant improvements compared to the current model. A key feature is its newly designed central tunnel that accommodates a larger 11-litre fuel tank. This not only provides an increased range of around 500 km between refills – it also gives improved a more mass centralised layout that gives increased agility and better maneuverability.

The new frame together with the redesigned body also enhances the ergonomics for a more comfortable ride – and the improved aerodynamics contribute towards the outstanding fuel efficiency and also help to reduce wind buffeting for a more relaxing journey.

Traction Control System

Many NMAX 125 customers may be new to two wheels, and this urban commuter’s light weight and easy agility make it the perfect choice. The Traction Control System gives the rider added confidence when accelerating on wet or loose road surfaces by instantaneously limiting the power to the rear wheel when any sign of tyre slip is detected.

Start & Stop engine technology

The new EU5-compliant 125cc Blue Core engine is the cleanest running and most economical powerplant ever featured on the NMAX, and its new switchable Start & Stop technology helps to further reduce local pollution and also cut fuel bills. When the system is switched on the Start & Stop function automatically cuts the engine whenever the scooter comes to a stop at lights or junctions, and restarts it instantly when the brakes are released and the throttle is turned.

Bluetooth connectivity with the SCCU Simple Communication Control Unit

NMAX is the first scooter to feature Yamaha’s Simple Communication Control Unit (SCCU), an easy-to-use piece of electronic technology that is designed to keep the rider informed and make every journey more enjoyable and rewarding.

NMAX 125 owners can download Yamaha’s free MyRide app to their smartphone, and then pair their device with the SCCU using Bluetooth when they are close to the unit. Once connected, the MyRide app gives the rider full access to a wide range of technical and running information including battery and oil status, fuel consumption and more. There’s even a parking locator that enables the rider to find their NMAX using the phone’s last connected location.

By using MyRide every NMAX owner can also access many exciting functionalities, including Ride & Record that records data such as lean angle, acceleration, speed, distance and more from previous rides. Data can be shared with other MyRide users from all over the world, and new riding routes can be discovered and shared.

Once the new model is available at Yamaha dealers all NMAX owners will be able to access a tutorial video showing them how to use the MyRide app and make the most of its wide range of functionalities.

Connected LCD instruments

The NMAX comes with all-new high-tech LCD instruments that are fully linked to the new SCCU. Riders can view the usual information on speed, distance, fuel level and temperature – but what makes the new NMAX 125 so special is that its connected instruments also feature icons that will light up and notify the rider of incoming calls, emails and SMS messages – as well as displaying their smartphone’s battery status.

Smart Key keyless ignition system

This top-selling scooter features some of the most impressive electronic technology in the category, and as well as its new SCCU and connected LCD instruments the NMAX is also equipped with Yamaha’s Smart Key keyless ignition system. This convenient system enables the NMAX rider to activate the machine as long as they have the Smart Key with them in their coat or bag, making every trip a little bit easier and quicker – and it’s one of the many class-leading features that makes this one of the most attractive urban commuters in its class.

Underseat storage space

The comfortable dual seat can be opened up to reveal a large storage space that can accommodate a helmet or other personal items. This lockable compartment is also weatherproof, making it ideal for carrying an assortment of various stuff needed for work or play.

Power socket and front pockets

The NMAX 125’s SCCU gives the rider full connectivity, and the new instrumentation features alerts whenever emails, texts or phone calls are received by the users smartphone. The 12V power socket enables the rider’s device to be kept charged, and the front pocket gives easy access to a smartphone, wallet or camera.

Front and rear disc brakes with ABS

The braking system is one of the best in the class, and features a 230mm front disc brake and a 230mm rear disc brake that provide plenty of smooth and controllable stopping power. ABS is fitted as standard to both brakes to prevent skidding during excessive braking, giving new riders the added peace mind when riding in low-grip conditions.

Genuine Accessories and riding gear

Yamaha have developed a comprehensive range of Genuine Accessories for the new NMAX, enabling riders to make their own personalised scooter that reflects their lifestyle and requirements. Yamaha is also creating a new range of urban riding gear for Urban Mobility riders, full details will be announced shortly.


  • 125cc EU5 Blue Core engine – reduced emissions with increased fuel economy
  • 9.0kW@8000rpm
  • Excellent fuel economy: Start & Stop on: 2.2 litres/100 km
  • Low CO² emissions: Start & Stop on: 52g/km
  • Variable Valve Actuation (VVA)
  • Sporty new body design
  • Newly designed frame for enhanced ergonomics and easier manoeuvrability Traction Control System
  • Switchable on/o?? Start & Stop engine technology
  • Twin eye LED headlights, built-in position lights and integral flashers Bluetooth connectivity with SCCU Simple Communication Control Unit Smart Key keyless ignition
  • Larger 11-litre fuel tank gives around 500 km between refills
  • Underseat storage space
  • Connected LCD instruments
  • Power socket and front pockets
  • 230mm front and 230mm rear disc brakes, both equipped with ABS
  • Can be ridden on a B-licence*

*Limitations and restrictions may apply per country under applicable laws

Availability and colours

The NMAX 125 will be available from February 2021 in the following colours: Anodized Red – Phantom Blue – Power Grey

All new D’elight

Move light

Featuring an all-new modern unisex design and driven by an economical and quiet-running 125cc EU5-compliant engine, the all-new D’elight is designed for female and male riders with a busy urban lifestyle who need a stylish, accessible and easy to use scooter that meets their everyday needs.

125cc EU5 Blue Core engine

What makes the D’elight an ideal urban commuter is its remarkably quiet and economical 125cc engine that is fully EU5-compliant for 2021. Developed using Yamaha’s cutting-edge Blue Core technology that ensures optimal running efficiency, the latest engine produces its maximum torque at only 5000 rpm – a considerably lower engine speed than other scooters in its class.

Together with the D’elight’s extremely low weight, this adds up to an excellent power-to-weight ratio that gives lively and responsive acceleration, making this new unisex scooter one of the quickest and most economical ways to move around the city – and because the engine’s maximum torque is produced at much lower rpm than many other scooters, the D’elight delivers a more relaxed and enjoyable ride.

New unisex body design

The new D’elight gets a modern new unisex body design for 2021 that features a more rounded headlight as well as flush fitting flashers and a cowl-mounted position lamp. The restyled front cowl provides excellent protection from the wind, and the spacious and flat footboard area ensures a comfortable riding position together with easy access.

Lightest in class

Weighing just 101 kg with fuel and oil, the new D’elight is the lightest scooter in its class, making it the ideal choice for female and male urban commuters who may be new riders. This extremely low weight offers a number of benefits, including increased agility – particularly in stop-start urban traffic – as well as making parking and putting the scooter on its stand so much easier.

Start & Stop engine technology

For 2021 the new D’elight is equipped with the latest switchable Start & Stop engine technology. When the system is switched on the Start & Stop function automatically cuts the engine whenever the scooter comes to a stop at lights or junctions to minimise local pollution and reduce fuel costs – and restarts it instantly when the brakes are released and the throttle is turned.

Large underseat storage

The D’elight features a large underseat storage space that makes it the ideal choice for everyday commuting. The comfortable dual seat can be unlocked to reveal the weatherproof storage that is large enough to accommodate one full-face helmet – one of the only models in the class to do so. It’s also ideal place for carrying various personal or work-related items safely and securely – and is perfect for when you need to do some last-minute shopping.

12-inch front wheel

The new D’elight is fitted with a 12-inch front wheel that contributes towards this urban commuter’s extremely agile handling characteristics. 6-spoke alloy wheels minimise unsprung weight and help to make this the lightest scooter in its class, and the 90/90-12 front tyre and 100/90-10 rear tyre provide excellent grip.


  • 125cc EU5 Blue Core engine – increased fuel efficiency, cleaner running
  • Excellent fuel economy:
  • Start & Stop on: 1.8 litres/100 km
  • Low CO² emissions: Start & Stop on: 42g/km
  • Fashionable and modern body design with universal appeal
  • Switchable on/off Start & Stop engine technology
  • Lightest weight in class ensures easy agility and fuss-free parking
  • Underseat storage space for everyday urban commuting convenience
  • New rounded headlight and larger LCD instruments with analogue speedo
  • 12-inch front wheel for agile handling
  • Flush ??tting front ??ashers with cowl-mounted position lamp
  • New assist grip for easy parking
  • Can be ridden on a B-licence*

*Limitations and restrictions may apply per country under applicable laws

Genuine Accessories and riding gear

Yamaha have developed a comprehensive range of Genuine Accessories for the new D’elight that enable riders to make their own personalised scooter that reflects their lifestyle and requirements. Yamaha is also creating a new range of urban riding gear for Urban Mobility riders, full details will be announced shortly.

Availability and colour

The D’elight will be available from December 2020 in the following colours: Pearl White – Power Black – Lava Red

Tricity 300

The best move in town

With its best-in-class specification, premium finish and user-friendly technology, the Yamaha Tricity 300 has instantly established itself as a key model in Yamaha’s highly successful Urban Mobility line. Its EU5-compliant engine is one of the most technologically-advanced powerplants in its class, and its Blue Core technology ensures that it delivers an ideal balance of performance, economy and versatility – making this the perfect urban commuter for everyone from existing scooter riders through to car drivers with a B licence.*

The Tricity 300’s 3-wheel chassis is one of the most advanced in the category, and features Yamaha’s Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) technology with twin front wheels that deliver enhanced feelings of security, stability and confidence in different surface and weather conditions. Featuring a 1590mm wheelbase with a 470mm track and 50:50 weight distribution – and giving a full 72º of steering angle – the Tricity 300 is easy to manoeuvre and park.

The Tricity 300’s active, smart and modern styling has been strongly influenced by Yamaha’s best-selling Sport Scooters as well as the remarkable NIKEN motorcycle. Its compact and aerodynamic front cowl with a short overhang emphasizes the light and agile character, and colour co-ordinated fenders hug the large diameter 14-inch front wheels and 120-section tyres that convey a very real feeling of front end traction.

A large storage space under the seat can accommodate two full-face helmets or one full-face helmet and an A4-sized briefcase, and the compartment is itted with internal LED lighting. Smart Key keyless ignition makes life simpler, and features like the parking brake and 12V socket add to the convenience.

Accessible, enjoyable and stylish – and offering the best balance of easy to use power, affordability and manoeuvrability – the Tricity 300 is the best move in town.

*Limitations and restrictions may apply per country under applicable laws

Genuine Accessories: Tricity 300 Accessory Packs

Yamaha offers a wide and constantly evolving range of individual Genuine Accessories for the Tricity 300 that includes performance, comfort and stylistic parts. For added customer convenience, Yamaha has also created a line of Accessory Packs that have been developed to suit different needs and lifestyles.

The Winter Pack consists of grip heaters, a throttle guide kit, connector cable and an apron that provide added comfort in cooler weather, enabling the Tricity 300 to be used throughout the year. Riders looking for a sportier style can choose the Sport Pack that consists of a sport screen, foot panel set and licence plate holder – and the Urban Kit comes with a high screen, 39-litre top case with backrest and a rear carrier.

Tricity 300 KEY FEATURES

    Economical and powerful 300cc Blue Core EU5-compliant engine

  • Easy and accessible 3-wheel Urban Mobility
  • Best-in-class specification with user-friendly technology
  • Can be ridden on a full B car licence subject to applicable local laws
  • Standing Assist System for added convenience when stationary
  • Lightest in class for easy manoeuvrability and parking
  • Large storage space for 2 full-face helmets or san A4 briefcase
  • Easy to understand auto-style LCD instruments
  • All-round large-diameter 267mm disc brakes with ABS and UBS

Availability and colour

The Tricity 300 will be available dealers from February 2021 in the following colours: Nimbus Grey – Tech Kamo – Gunmetal Grey

Tricity 125

Love the way you move

Tricity 125 continues with the same EU4 specification for 2021. Depending on EU4 local derogation rules, the current model can be sold throughout 2021. EU5 versions are planned to arrive in the market early 2021.

Tricity 125 KEY FEATURES

  • Fashionable and affordable 3-wheel urban commuter
  • Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) design for easy steering and confident cornering
  • Lightweight and compact for easy agility in traffic
  • Sleek and contemporary body design
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Relaxed and comfortable riding position with easy-access footboards
  • Lively, economical and quiet-running Blue Core 125cc engine
  • Front and rear disc brakes with ABS provide smooth and effective braking
  • Powerful LED headlight to see and be seen


Icon Grey – Milky White – Matt Grey

New TRACER 7 GT joins Sport Touring line-up for 2021

New TRACER 7 GT: Smart turns

Yamaha’s Sport Touring line is strengthened with the new TRACER 7 GT that offers the perfect combination of light weight, easy agility and excellent touring capabilities. Developed using the same philosophy that made the Tracer 900 GT a major success throughout Europe, the TRACER 7 GT’s standard specification includes a comfort seat, high screen and touring sidecases from Yamaha’s Genuine Accessories range that make it the perfect way to escape from the city and explore new destinations.

The TRACER 7 was renewed for 2020, and this second generation bike is aimed at riders who want thrilling sports performance with all round versatility and a serious bit of attitude. Featuring modern bodywork and an aggressive face, the TRACER 7 GT is the kind of machine that really can do almost anything – whether near or far, in the city or on the open road.

Coming from a family of Yamaha Sport Touring bikes that are widely respected and admired for their outstanding sports performance and the ability to excel in every situation, the new TRACER 7 GT is built to exceed expectations in every respect.

Driven by a Euro5 version of the acclaimed 689cc, 2-cylinder CP2 engine, this model takes the middleweight sport tourer concept to another level. Featuring a dynamic look and offering the best-in-class power to weight ratio – together with enhanced ergonomics and a higher overall specification – the TRACER 7 GT is designed to thrill.

It's a genuine 7-day a week bike that loves to play hard and fast at weekends. Tearing through the curves the TRACER 7 GT gets the heartbeat revving and the adrenaline pumping. Then when it's time to be sensible again on Monday morning this adaptable sport tourer is equipped to handle long-distance commuting and urban riding.

20L Sidecases

The essential accessories for touring or commuting, the 20L Sidecases are equipped with stays and keysets. Slim and robust, they offer the perfect capacity without compromising the bike’s compact dimensions. Sidecases are available in colours to match the bike.

Touring Screen

Higher and wider screen for enhanced wind protection on long-distance rides. Made with unbreakable and scratch-resistant polycarbonate. Effective height increase of 92mm and width increase of 70mm compared to the standard screen ensures maximum riding comfort with reduced noise, and enhanced wind and weather protection.

Comfort Seat

Specially-designed seat with additional features providing improved riding comfort for the rider and passenger when touring. Featuring dual-material skin with contrasting stitching, as well as different foam density zones for comfortable seating – and an integrated TRACER logo

TRACER 7 GT Key Features

Equipped with Premium Genuine Yamaha
Accessories; 20L Touring Sidecases
Touring Screen
Comfort Seat

  • Half fairing with aggressive new twin headlight face
  • Thrilling torque-rich 689cc, CP2 engine, Euro5 compliant
  • Lightest in class, best power to weight ratio
  • Adjustable front and rear suspension
  • Aerodynamic screen with single-handed adjustment
  • Commanding riding position with comfortable ergonomics
  • 17-litre fuel tank gives long range autonomy
  • Negative LCD instruments
  • Compact LED flashers, integrated in handguards


Deliveries will commence from February 2021.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories and Apparel

Yamaha offer a wide range of Genuine Accessories designed for the TRACER 7 GT that enable every owner to build their very own machine. The constantly evolving line- up includes parts that enhance performance, protection and comfort through to cosmetic components that sharpen the bike’s image.

All-new New TRACER 9 and TRACER 9 GT: The most radical Yamaha Hyper Naked

More power, less weight and increased versatility

All-new TRACER 9: Emotional intelligence

Roads of Life

“Roads of Life” is the core concept behind Yamaha’s Sport Touring segment, the aim is to gather all the different types of riders who are all looking for the same goal. New roads to explore. New memories to create. Few other forms of personal transport can match the sense of total freedom experienced on every motorcycle journey. And no other vehicle comes close to matching the thrill and excitement of two wheels.

Each Yamaha Sport Touring model is designed to provide an instant and accessible escape from the day-to-day world by giving everyone the chance to clear their mind and appreciate the wonders of the natural environment. Now, more than ever, we all need to be able to get outside at a moment’s notice and create a new world where we can take charge of our destiny and live life to the fullest.

The Roads of Life are waiting to be explored, lifelong memories are ready to be created, and new friends are sure to be made along the way. With a choice of models with two wheels and three wheels, Yamaha’s dynamic Sport Touring segment has the power to change the way we live our lives by making faraway places more accessible to everyone.

Original Tracer 900: The perfect balance of sport and touring

In 2015 the first Yamaha Tracer 900 arrived in Europe and changed the way that many riders perceived the Sport Touring class. Offering the thrilling performance of a sport bike together with an impressive long-distance touring capability – as well as being ideally suited to urban commuting – the original Tracer 900 proved to be a major success by attracting many new customers of all ages and from different backgrounds.

Followed by a second generation EU4 model in 2018, the Tracer 900 established itself as the number one bike in the Sport Touring class, selling three times as many units as its nearest rival in 2019. This outstandingly adaptable motorcycle is now regarded by many as the definitive Sport Touring machine and is one of the most important models in Yamaha’s line-up.

All-new TRACER 9: Ultimate Sports Versatility

Five years after the launch of the original model, Yamaha has created two all-new versions of the ultimate multi-role motorcycle that are designed to reaffirm the model’s position as Europe’s favourite Sport Touring machine and attract a new generation of riders to the category.

Lighter, more powerful and supremely versatile – and now equipped with the most sophisticated technology ever seen on a Yamaha Sport Touring model – the all-new TRACER 9 and TRACER 9 GT remain true to the ‘Sporting heart, touring soul’ philosophy that has made them the number one bikes in the class. Offering increased levels of thrilling performance combined with enhanced touring capabilities and a higher overall specification, these new motorcycles offer ultimate sports versatility.

New EU5 890cc CP3 engine: More thrilling, more capable, more versatile

Powering the all-new TRACER 9 is a completely redesigned 890cc, CP3 crossplane technology engine that is lighter, more powerful and more advanced than the original powerplant that forever changed the image of the Sports Touring class. Our CP3 architecture lays the foundations for a completely new engine.

Fully EU5-compliant, the sophisticated new inline 3-cylinder engine features an increased capacity of 890cc thanks to a longer stroke, which is increased by 3mm from 59.1mm to 62.1mm, and this significant cc boost contributes towards a 7% increase in torque output. A key feature of the new larger capacity engine is that this much higher torque output of 9.5kg-m / 93 Nm is produced at 7000rpm – 1500rpm lower down the rev range then previously – for outstanding acceleration and rapid overtaking. As well as this marked increase in linear torque, the power output of the larger capacity 890cc engine is increased to 119PS at 10,000rpm – 4hp more than previously – making this one of the most thrilling, capable and versatile motorcycles in its class.

Famed for its linear torque, outstanding reliability and amazing versatility than enables riders to get maximum riding enjoyment in every situation – from twisty mountain roads through to fast, open highways and busy urban streets – the original CP3 engine has become one of the most successful engine designs in Yamaha’s 65 year history. Quicker, stronger and more advanced, this new generation TRACER 9 engine is a worthy successor to the original, and despite its increase in capacity, it actually weighs less than the outgoing design, which contributes towards the new bike’s enhanced handling agility and versatility.

New CF die-cast Deltabox chassis: Sportier handling, increased stability

Lighter, more compact and better handling, the TRACER 9’s all-new CF die-cast Deltabox chassis has been designed to give ultimate sports versatility with excellent comfort, making this the kind of bike that is ready to switch character to suit the rider’s mood.

Another important improvement for 2021 is the repositioning of the new 890cc CP3 engine, which is now mounted in a more upright angle of 52.3º, compared to 47.5º on the previous model. These changes improve the overall balance of the lightweight CF die-cast chassis to give a higher degree of road surface feedback from the front end, as well as a greater feeling of front end traction in corners.

Longer high-rigidity swingarm: Increased stability, sporty agility

To match the new frame’s increased rigidity and more compact design, the TRACER 9 is equipped with a completely redesigned lightweight aluminium swingarm that pivots inside the frame’s outer structure in contrast to the previous model’s external pivot points. Although externally similar in appearance to the design used on the 2021 MT-09, the TRACER 9 swingarm is actually 60mm longer, giving a 1,500mm wheelbase – the same as the previous Tracer 900.

Full 3-bag luggage capability: Increased flexibility and versatility

To optimise its versatility and touring capabilities the new model is designed to accommodate a total of three hard luggage cases, enabling the TRACER 9 to run with any combination of sidecases and a top case. A ‘Floating Stay’ system is used for the side cases to enhance high speed stability and isolate luggage movement on the bike, and a one-piece wraparound grab bar facilitates the fitment of a top case. With its lower weight and increased strength, the all-new chassis can handle a total payload of riders and luggage of 193kg – a 7% increase in load carrying capacity.

Class-leading electronic rider aids: 6-axis IMU for ultimate controllability

Originally developed for the R1 and never previously available in the Yamaha Sport Touring category, Yamaha’s 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) constantly measures the TRACER 9’s acceleration in the forward-backward; up-down and left-right directions – as well as the angular velocity in the machine’s pitch, roll and yaw directions.

Since its introduction on the R1 in 2015, this 6-axis IMU has been further developed, and the unit featured on the new TRACER 9 is now 50% smaller and 40% lighter. This high-tech IMU device constantly sends data to the ECU which computes all the data in real time, and effectively governs the new TRACER 9’s Traction Control System (TCS) as well as its Slide Control System (SCS), front wheel LIFt control system (LIF) and Brake Control system (BC).

Traction Control System (TCS)

If any potential loss of rear tyre traction is sensed during acceleration, data from the IMU informs the ECU to activate the lean-sensitive TCS and momentarily restrict drive force until rear wheel slip is eliminated. This intelligent system intervenes at three increasing levels as lean angle increases, giving the TRACER 9 rider added confidence when accelerating on wet or slippery road surfaces.

Slide Control System (SCS)

When data from the IMU predicts a sideways rear tyre slide the ECU adjusts power levels correspondingly until full stability is assured. The SCS can be set at any one of three intervention levels, and can be turned off when required.

Front wheel LIFt control system (LIF)

LIF enables the rider to maintain a high degree of chassis control during aggressive acceleration by adjusting the rate of front wheel lift when it is sensed by the IMU. As with the SCS, the LIF system has three selectable intervention levels, and can also be turned off by the rider.

Three TCS/SCS/LIF mode settings

To keep the whole system easy to understand and simple to operate there are three mode settings available for the TRACER 9 rider. In Mode 1 the TCS, SCS and LIF are all pre-set to level 1, this being the lowest intervention level that is designed to accommodate sporty and aggressive riding. When Mode 2 is selected the TCS, SCS and LIF are all pre-set at level 2, which is moderate intervention that suits a wide variety of different conditions. Finally, Mode 3 is the manual setting option that enables the rider to select any combination from the 3 x TCS settings, 3 x SCS settings plus off, and 3 x LIF settings plus off, giving a potential 48 different combinations.

Brake Control system (BC)

The TRACER 9 is also equipped with a 2-Mode Brake Control (BC) system that provides added chassis stability during extreme braking situations. Data from the IMU is constantly analysed, and when excessive lever pressure is applied to the front or rear brake by the rider, the pressure is automatically modulated by the BC system.

The rider can select either of two modes: BC1 is the standard ABS-active mode which prevents wheel lock-up during emergency braking in an upright, straight-line situation. When set to BC2, the system offers an even higher level of intervention by controlling brake pressure when the IMU senses that the chassis is likely to become unsettled in situations such as sudden mid-corner braking.

Yamaha D-Mode: Four running modes for every situation

Yamaha D-Mode offers the TRACER 9 rider a total of four running modes to suit the widest variety of Sport Touring riding situations – one more than the previous model. Mode 1 gives a sharper and more aggressive engine response, Mode 2 is the all-round setting for a variety of situations, Mode 3 delivers a gentler power character that’s ideal for relaxed riding, and the new Mode 4 is perfect for wet weather riding.

New Battlax T32 tyres: Excellent wet and dry performance

Yamaha and Bridgestone have jointly developed the new Battlax T32 Sport Touring tyres specifically for the TRACER 9. The development goals were to create a new tyre that could offer excellent wet and dry performance together with excellent durability and strong straight-line performance, qualities that match the versatile character of this new Sport Touring model. The combination of a 120/70ZR17 front and 180/55ZR17 rear provide good feedback with a precise feel, enabling the TRACER 9 rider to experience ultimate sports versatility, whatever the weather.

Cruise Control: Making longer journeys more enjoyable

The TRACER 9 is now equipped as standard with a Cruise Control that’s similar to the system used on the previous GT model, making longer journeys even more relaxing and enjoyable.

The Cruise Control can be activated when riding at a speed of 50 km/h or more and using 4th gear or higher, and once a speed is selected it can be adjusted up and down in 2 km/h increments by a single push of the switch or by continuously holding it down. The system can be immediately deactivated by using the brakes, clutch or rolling the grip forward on a closed throttle.

New fueling system: Increased 350km+ range with stronger performance

Another important change for 2021 is the TRACER 9’s all new fuel delivery system that features fuel injectors mounted to the throttle valve side – whereas they were previously mounted directly to the cylinder head. Together with the use of new lightweight engine internals, the new fueling design increases combustion efficiency and helps to achieve a notable 9% increase in fuel economy, giving this Sport Touring machine an extended range of 350 km+ from its 18-litre fuel tank, without adding additional weight by using a bigger fuel tank.

APSG ride-by-wire throttle: Improved feel and reliability

The TRACER 9’s Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) benefits from highly sophisticated R1M developed technology in the form of a new Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG) – a ride-by-wire throttle system that contributes toward the bike’s reduced overall weight and gives improved feel and reliability.

New higher-efficiency intake and exhaust: reduced weight, increased thrills!

Each motorcycle’s specification sheet can tell a lot about the way it’s going to perform, but numbers alone don’t give the whole story. The CP3 engine is famous for its intoxicating blend of linear torque and wonderful exhaust note, and Yamaha’s designers have devoted a lot of effort into making the whole TRACER 9 riding experience even more thrilling and exciting at all speeds.

The TRACER 9 is equipped with a new 1.5 chamber-type exhaust with twin tail pipes. Together with redesigned stainless steel header pipes, the complete exhaust weighs 1,400g less than previously, contributing significantly towards mass centralisation for even more agile handling.

Reined transmission with uprated A&S clutch: Better feel, smoother shifting

The TRACER 9 is equipped with slightly higher 1st and 2nd gear ratios that match the new engine’s higher torque output at lower rpm, and for smoother gear-changes the shift fork has been redesigned. Modifications have also been made to the A&S clutch, including the use of new material for the friction plates and a revised cam angle to give a lighter lever pull for gentler chassis behavior during downshifts, resulting in a smoother, easier and more satisfying ride.

Model-specific engine mounts: Increased stability when fully loaded

While the overall design of the TRACER 9 frame uses the new MT-09 as its base, Yamaha’s engineers have developed a range of model-specific components that make an important contribution towards achieving excellent straight line stability and cornering agility when fully loaded.

Model-specific engine mounts for the TRACER 9 have been developed through Kanno Hyoka – that is to say evaluating motorcycle performance based on test rider perceptions and feedback.Featuring a thicker construction that is unique to the TRACER 9, the left and right side engine mounting brackets as well as the top mount ensure that the engine’s role as a stressed member helps to create an excellent balance of rigidity for optimum handling performance – even when carrying a passenger and three hard cases.

Next generation design: Agile, compact and minimalist body style

Featuring completely redesigned bodywork, the all-new TRACER 9 seeks to build on the outstanding success of Europe’s best-selling Sport Touring by offering an even more sporty, dynamic and versatile package.

Very careful consideration was given to the layout and shape of the 3 bag luggage system, and the overall look of the side cases and top case is designed to complement the bike’s sporty and dynamic character.

A key feature of the new TRACER 9 is the ‘arrow’ silhouette formed by the windscreen, front fairing and fuel tank cover that gives a dynamic and purposeful new look, and the compact new mono- focus LED twin-eye headlights – together with LED lighting throughout and twin TFT meters – reinforce the bike’s technologically advanced look and underline the TRACER 9’s high overall specification.

Full LED lighting throughout: Excellent visibility with dynamic new style

New mono-focus twin-eye LED ‘hidden’ headlights are recessed in the aerodynamic front fairing to give this next-generation Sport Touring machine a bold and distinctive new look that underlines its truly dynamic and sporty character.

One LED headlight unit projects the low beam while the other unit projects the high beam, and they are designed to give excellent forward illumination with an even spread of light that is softer at the edges, making them easier on the rider’s eyes. The dynamic new face also features dual LED position lights that reinforce the imposing presence of the TRACER 9.

The all-new LED rear light design is quintessentially TRACER, and features specially cut inner lenses that give a smoother tail and brake light with a three-dimensional effect to underline the bike’s ultra-modern style – and the full LED lighting is completed with compact and lightweight LED flashers.

Twin 3.5-inch full colour TFT meters: Clear and comprehensive information

The all-new twin 3.5-inch multi-function TFT meters display extremely clear data and feature an intuitive rider interface that separates the critical running information from the functional operational information.

Key running information is featured on the left screen, including a multi-coloured bar-type tachometer whose colour changes as rpm rises, as well as a digital speedometer, fuel gauge, gear position and TCS mode indicator. The left screen can be switched to the TCS mode and setting display, enabling the rider to select the desired intervention mode for the electronic rider aids.Meanwhile the right screen is split into four separate sections, each one displaying a range of information such as odometer, tripmeters 1 & 2, temperature and more.

Ultra-light Yamaha SpinForged wheels: Increased agility and lighter handling

The 10-spoke SpinForged wheels and large-diameter axles fitted to the new TRACER 9 are 700g lighter than previously, and this major reduction in unsprung weight makes a positive contribution towards the bike’s agile handling, lightweight steering and responsive suspension characteristics.

Commanding riding position: Adjustable to different riders and riding situations

The TRACER 9’s roomy and commanding riding position ensures the highest level of comfort, and the ergonomics can be easily adjusted to suit different physiques and riding styles. The newly developed rider’s seat is mounted 15mm lower than the previous model, and features a very simple tool-less two-position height adjuster. Further changes to the ergonomics can be made by adjusting the footrests by 15mm up or down, and the handlebar position can also be moved forwards by 9mm and upwards by 4mm by reversing the direction of the handlebar clamps, giving a total of 8 different riding positions.

Larger fully-adjustable windscreen: Increased comfort, reduced fatigue

For increased wind protection and reduced fatigue caused by buffeting on longer rides, the new TRACER 9 is equipped with a large screen that can be adjusted by a total of 50mm through 10 increments of 5mm. Compact and lightweight handlebar brush guards also help to protect from the wind and weather.

R1 type radial front brake master cylinder: More power with linear control

The TRACER 9 is constructed to an extremely high standard specification, and the all-new 2021 model is the first ever Yamaha Sport Touring to be equipped with a front brake featuring a R1-type radial master cylinder. Manufactured by Nissin, this high-tech supersport-class braking system features a piston that moves parallel to the brake lever travel, giving a more linear brake feel, whilst giving the rider a higher degree of controllability.

New Features

  • New larger-capacity 890cc engine
  • All-new die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis
  • Full 3-bag luggage capability
  • 6-axis IMU plus lean-sensitive rider aids
  • Next generation design and styling
  • Full LED lighting
  • Full-colour 3.5-inch TFT instruments
  • Lightweight SpinForged wheels
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Customisable ergonomics
  • Radial front master cylinder

Rider Benefit

  • Increased cc gives major increase in power and torque throughout the rev range for thrilling acceleration.
  • Lower weight for easier handling. EU5 compliant.
  • Lighter and stronger CF die-cast construction for more agile cornering. Increased wheelbase ensures straight- line stability at higher speeds and when fully loaded.
  • Fully equipped to accommodate hard side cases and a top case for ultimate versatility. Total load capacity including rider/passenger increased by 7% to 193kg
  • Cutting-edge technology that gives the highest degree of controllability in varying weather and surface conditions. 3 engine modes to suit every riding style.
  • Compact and modern design with excellent wind and weather protection. Perfect blend of sport style with touring functionality.
  • Hidden and separate low/high LED headlights with dual LED position lights to see and be seen. Full LED flasher and tail/brake for ultra-modern TRACER signature style Intuitive design with clearly displayed information enables the rider to quickly check with minimum distraction
  • Ultra-light new wheels – reduced unsprung weight for more agile handling and responsive suspension
  • High specification fully-adjustable 41mm USD front forks and adjustable rear shock enable optimum chassis set-up to suit varying riding styles and loads.
  • New 2-position rider seat offers 15mm tool-less height adjustability. Rider footrests up/down adjustable by 15mm, and handlebar clamp can be reversed to give alternative position to suit different physiques and preferences
  • R1 type radial front master cylinder delivers linear stopping power with the highest degree of controllability.

Technical highlights

  • New 890cc inline 3-cylinder 4-valve DOHC liquid-cooled EU5 engine
  • Lower weight and increased power at all rpm
  • 7% increase in maximum torque at lower rpm
  • 4PS increase in maximum power
  • Lighter and stronger CF die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis
  • Overall 2kg weight reduction for increased agility
  • New lightweight aluminium swingarm
  • Next-generation styling, perfect blend of sport style and touring functions
  • Full LED lighting with hidden headlights and TRACER signature tail light
  • Refined A&S clutch
  • Light and compact new 6-axis IMU – first time on a Yamaha Sport Touring
  • Lean-sensitive rider aids: TCS, SCS and LIFt with three intervention modes
  • ABS and Brake Control system (BC)
  • D-MODE switchable engine running modes
  • New ultra-light SpinForged 17-inch 10-spoke wheels
  • Fully-adjustable KYB® 41mm USD forks with optimised settings
  • Adjustable KYB® rear shock with revised settings and new linkage
  • Twin full colour 3.5-inch TFT instruments with remote handlebar switch
  • Radial front master cylinder, 298mm dual front discs

TRACER 9 Colours and availability

The new TRACER 9 will be available in two new colours. Redline is a bold bright red finish that complements the bike’s sporty character, while Tech Kamo features a green-grey tint that creates a powerful and mature look that reflects the bike’s long-distance travel capabilities.

Deliveries will commence from March 2021.

All-new TRACER 9 GT: Ultimate specification as standard

The new TRACER 9 GT is the highest specification model in Yamaha’s 2021 Sport Touring line, and features a range of advanced technology and additional equipment that provide an even more luxurious ride for those customers who require the ultimate Sport Touring package as standard.

Hard side cases: Added functionality with style

The TRACER 9 GT is supplied with completely new hard cases fitted as standard equipment, meaning that the bike is ready for the Roads of Life from day one. Each case is able to carry a full- face helmet, and is attached to the bike’s durable steel subframe via a fully floating carrier system that absorbs any wind or surface-induced chatter to give a natural riding feeling. Coloured sidepanels match the bike’s finish for a fully integrated look.

KYB electronically-controlled suspension: Ultimate comfort with precise feel

Yamaha and KYB have jointly developed the TRACER 9 GT’s electronically-controlled semi-active suspension system that provides the ultimate in riding comfort combined with a precise feel from the road. Officially known as the KYB Actimatic Damper System (KADS), this highly advanced suspension generates a much wider range of damping force than conventional suspension, and is able to respond instantly to varying riding conditions in order to achieve optimum handling performance.

This use of this semi-active suspension system has been made possible by the bike’s new IMU which works together with the ECU as well as the Hydraulic Unit (HU) and Suspension Control Unit (SCU) to calculate the optimum suspension settings for any given riding situation: fast or slow, wet or dry, smooth or bumpy, solo or two-up.

The advantage of the solenoid system is that it is able to make extremely fast adjustments to damping settings, and it can handle both minor and major changes. By constantly analysing and computing the 6-axis data, the IMU can signal the ECU to adjust damping settings in order to maintain chassis stability at all speeds, and by doing so the KADS supplements the rider’s skills to ensure a more rewarding and enjoyable Sport Touring experience.KADS can be used in two modes: A-1 is the sporting mode that is designed to deliver taut and responsive suspension action for fast riding on dry roads – and can also accommodate wet conditions. The system can be switched to A-2 mode that is designed to give a more supple and comfortable ride on rougher or uneven surfaces, making it the ideal choice on longer and more relaxed journeys.

Up-and-down Quick Shift System (QSS): Smoother and faster gear changing

For clutchless up and down shifting the TRACER 9 GT is equipped with a new Quick Shift System (QSS). A sensor on the shift rod detects movement in the gearshift pedal, and the ECU cuts drive torque to the transmission to enable smooth and fast gearchanges, both up and down the transmission.

LED cornering lights: Increased visibility with decreased rider fatigue

The TRACER 9 GT is equipped with a highly sophisticated intelligent cornering light system that is programmed to light up the road ahead when the IMU senses that the machine is leaning at more than 7º and its speed is at least 5 km/h.

A key feature of this LED cornering light design is that the IMU’s high speed calculations and processing power enable the system to increase the brightness of the cornering lights as the banking angle increases, giving the rider a clear field of vision when riding at night. The TRACER 9 GT is only the second Yamaha to feature cornering lights after the FJR1300AE, and unlike the FJR’s system which consisted of three LED lights on each side of the fairing, the TRACER 9 GT’s design consists of a single LED situated above each of the two position lights.

Grip warmers: All-season riding comfort

Wind chill can make the rider’s hands cold and uncomfortable even on a cool summer’s day, and the TRACER 9 GT’s grip warmers can be precisely adjusted through a range of 10 settings using a scroll wheel to achieve the optimum temperature. Specially shaped grips feature thinner rubber that enables efficient transmission of the heat to keep hands warm whatever the weather.

Dedicated colours and graphics: Premium look and feel

As well as being available in the same colours as the standard model, the premium TRACER 9 GT is also offered in an exclusive Yamaha Icon Performance finish that has been inspired by the Yamaha R1M – the bike that pioneered much of the advanced electronic technology found on this high-end Sport Touring.


Deliveries will commence from March 2021.

New Features

  • Hard side cases
  • KYB electronically-controlled suspension
  • Up and down QSS
  • LED cornering lights
  • Dedicated colours and graphics

Rider Benefit

  • Added versatility for every journey, capable of accommodating a full face helmet. Fully floating carrier system ensures a smooth ride when fully loaded.
  • Semi-active KADS suspension system delivers ultimate chassis performance for sports agility and touring comfort.
  • Smoother and faster clutchless gear changing, up and down the transmission.
  • Powerful seamless illumination for increased visibility and reduced fatigue at night.
  • Premium looks and increased pride of ownership

Yamaha Genuine Accessories and Apparel

Yamaha offer a wide range of Genuine Accessories designed for the new TRACER 9 and TRACER 9 GT that enable every owner to build their very own machine. The constantly evolving line-up includes parts that enhance performance, protection and comfort through to cosmetic components that sharpen the bike’s image.

All-new MT-09 SP: The most radical Yamaha Hyper Naked

Premium specification and exclusive finish

The Dark Side of Japan

Since 2013 the Dark Side of Japan has been the inspiration behind the development of Yamaha’s MT models that have brought a whole new level of excitement and dynamism to Europe’s thrill- seeking riders. Designed and built by people who eat, breathe and sleep motorcycles, Yamaha’s MT models have created their own dynamic Hyper Naked category and introduced a huge number of riders to a new kind of two-wheel experience.

With their torque-rich engine performance, agile handling and naked good looks, each and every MT is designed to deliver a sporty, thrilling and rewarding ride that reinforces every motorcyclist’s passion for two wheels. With over a quarter of a million MTs sold in Europe since the first model arrived seven years ago, the Yamaha Hyper Naked range is helping to make motorcycling an even more exciting, accessible and attractive lifestyle choice.

New MT-09 SP: Sharper, smarter and more exclusive

With its all-new engine and chassis, and a radical, new coverless body design that exposes its brutal and muscular good looks, the 2021 MT-09 is the purest and most exciting Hyper Naked to date. But for those riders who demand the highest specification, Yamaha have created theMT-09 SP, an even sharper, smarter and more exclusive motorcycle that features an aggressive supersport-influenced finish with premium suspension.

Dedicated SP colours and graphics

The MT-09 SP’s exclusive new R1M-influenced Icon Performance colour features a blue/black multi-toned paint scheme on the fuel tank and air ducts to give an even more aggressive and exclusive look to this top-of-the-range Hyper Naked. The premium finish is enhanced with seamless water-transfer graphics, and the supersport-style colours reinforce the bike’s pure- sports character and highlights the close technological links with the R1M – the most advanced high-performance production Yamaha ever built.

Cruise Control system

In addition to the comprehensive electronic rider aids featured on the standard MT-09, the premium MT-09 SP is also equipped with a Cruise Control system that enhances the overall riding experience.

For a more relaxing ride on the highway, SP riders can choose to activate this Cruise Control system at speeds of at least 50km/h and in 4 gear and above. After the speed has been set it can be increased in 2km/h increments by single pushes of the switch, or can be steadily increased by holding down the switch – and the system is canceled whenever the brakes, clutch or throttle are used.

As well as helping to give an easier ride on longer journeys, the SP’s Cruise Control is also a useful feature that can help riders observe prevailing speed limits without having to constantly check their speedometer.

Premium KYB® front suspension package

Featuring 41mm tubes with a tough DLC (Diamond Like Coating) that ensures ultra-smooth and responsive suspension action, the premium specification KYB® front forks feature full adjustability for preload, rebound and compression damping – enabling the SP rider to achieve the ultimate set-up to suit different riding situations. In addition, these state-of-the-art front forks are also equipped with low and high-speed compression damping adjusters for accurate tuning of the suspension.

Öhlins rear shock absorber

To match the high grade front suspension, the rear suspension system features a premium specification Öhlins rear shock absorber. Offering the rider full adjustability for compression and rebound damping – and equipped with a remote preload adjuster that enables quick and easy setting – this SP-exclusive rear suspension brings supersport handling precision to the Hyper Naked class.

Double-stitched seat

The MT-09 SP’s exclusive double-stitched seat with its contrasting stitching has been developed to give the rider an unrivaled feeling of unity when aboard this premium Hyper Naked. The shape of the seat and fuel tank – as well as the overall ergonomics – have been developed through Kanno Hyoka – that is to say, evaluating motorcycle performance based on test rider perceptions and feedback. This exhaustive process ensures that the finished product enhances the total riding experience.

Anodised brushed aluminium swingarm

Another feature that is exclusive to the MT-09 SP is the beautifully finished swingarm that features a special brushed and anodised surface that perfectly complements the new Crystal Graphite frame. Together with other unique details – such as the yellow spring on the Öhlins rear shock absorber and black drive sprocket– the SP’s swingarm reinforces the premium feel and pure sporty looks of this class-leading Hyper Naked.

SP-specific chassis components

SP-specific features such as the anodised black handlebars and levers, as well as clear-smoked front and rear brake fluid reservoirs and a black drive sprocket reaffirm the MT-09 SP’s status as the most exclusive Hyper Naked in the class.

MT-09 SP Specific
New Features

  • Dedicated SP colours
  • Cruise Control System
  • Premium fully-adjustable suspension
  • Double-stitched seat
  • Brushed aluminium swingarm

Rider Benefit

  • Exclusive Icon Performance colours highlight the MT-09 SP’s close links with the R1M supersport.
  • Cruise Control can be activated above 50 km/h in 4th gear or higher, making it easy to observe speed limits and providing added relaxation on the highway.
  • Equipped with a DLC coating for super-smooth suspension action, the high specification front forks feature full adjustability together with separate adjusters for high and low speed compression damping, allowing the rider to achieve the ultimate set-up. At the rear an Öhlins shock offers full adjustability for outstanding handling performance.
  • Featuring stylish contrasting stitching, the specially developed seat is shaped to give an instant feeling of fit for outstanding rider/machine unity.
  • The exclusivity of the MT-09 SP is further highlighted by the anodised brushed aluminium finish of the lightweight swingarm.

MT-09 SP & MT-09
New Features

  • 6-axis IMU plus lean-sensitive rider aids
  • Full-colour 3.5-inch TFT instruments
  • Compact, bifunctional LED headlight
  • Quick Shift System
  • Lightweight SpinForged wheels
  • New larger-capacity 889cc EU5 engine
  • All-new die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis
  • Next generation design and styling
  • Radial front master cylinder

Rider Benefit

  • Light and compact 6-axis IMU derived from R1. With lean-sensitive TCS, SCS & LIFt, plus BC systems. The most advanced electronic rider aids give extreme control in varying weather and surface conditions.
  • Comprehensive information displayed in a clear, modern and precise format. Enables rider to control the intervention level of the electronic aids via handlebar switches.

  • Projector headlight with multiple LEDs for broad, powerful and evenly spread low and high beams. LED position lights project a signature Y-shape icon to underline the pure, next generation MT looks.
  • Fast and smooth upshifting, new downshift function and refined A&S clutch give greater chassis stability for enhanced controllability during deceleration.
  • Yamaha’s lightest ever Aluminium production bike wheels reduce total unsprung weight by 700g for more responsive suspension action; reduced gyroscopic moment of inertia for more agile handling.
  • Substantially increased torque at lower rpm, increased power, lower weight, EU5 compliant 2.3kg lighter, shorter wheelbase for increased agility, higher rigidity for a more stable and dynamic ride.
  • Coverless minimalist design, bare and beautiful looks, dynamic style, purest MT DNA, brutal yet sophisticated. Premium Crystal Graphite frame finish highlights pure mechanical beauty.
  • R1 type radial front master cylinder delivers linear stopping power with the highest degree of controllability.

MT-09 SP Technical highlights
SP-specific features:

  • Dedicated ‘Icon Performance’ YZF-R1M-inspired colours
  • Cruise Control system
  • Premium KYB® front suspension package
  • Öhlins rear shock absorber
  • Double-stitched seat
  • Anodised brushed aluminium swingarm
  • Anodised black levers, handlebars and black rear sprocket
  • Clear-smoked front and rear brake fluid reservoirs

MT-09 SP & MT-09 features:

  • New 889cc inline 3-cylinder 40-valve DOHC liquid-cooled EU5 engine
  • More power at all engine speeds
  • 7% increase in maximum torque at lower rpm
  • 4PS increase in maximum power
  • New 2.3kg lighter CF die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis
  • Lower 189kg wet weight – 4kg reduction and the lightest in 900cc naked class
  • Shorter wheelbase for more dynamic handling
  • New lightweight aluminium swingarm
  • Bare and beautiful ‘coverless’ new generation MT styling
  • Premium quality throughout, with Crystal Graphite frame finish
  • Full LED lighting with Y-shape brand signature icon front and rear
  • New Quick Shift System with up and downshift functions
  • Refined A&S clutch
  • Light and compact new 6-axis IMU
  • Lean-sensitive rider aids: TCS, SCS and LIFt with three intervention modes
  • ABS and Brake Control system (BC)
  • D-MODE switchable engine running modes
  • New ultra-light Spin-Forged 17-inch 10-spoke wheels
  • Larger 180/70-17 rear tyre with 120/70-17 front tyre
  • Full colour 3.5-inch TFT instruments with remote handlebar switch
  • Radial front master cylinder, 298mm dual front discs
Colours and availabilityThe new MT-09 SP will be available in an exclusive Icon Performance colour. Deliveries will commence from March 2021.

Next generation MT-07: Evolution of the Hyper Naked species

The Dark Side of Japan

Founded on 1st July 1955, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., celebrated its 65th anniversary this year, and over the past seven decades the company has developed some of the industry’s most iconic models and been responsible for the introduction of a range of innovative technology that has transformed the riding experience.

Machines including the XT500, XS650 and RD350LC – through to the VMAX and YZF-R1 – have all achieved legendary cult status within the world of motorcycling, and have become an integral part of the Yamaha story. While justifiably proud of its past achievements, Yamaha’s focus is on the future, and by the end of the first decade of this century the company’s product development teams were on a mission to create a new generation of future icons.

To make a difference it is necessary to take a risk, and some of the company’s greatest designs have been those bikes that defied convention and dared to be different. So when Yamaha’s designers and engineers set about creating a new breed of motorcycles for the 21st century, they made the conscious decision to break all the rules and take a whole new direction. Rather than playing it safe by making a newer and better version of what was already out there in the market, Yamaha decided to start all over again.

The next key decision in the development of this new generation of bikes was that they would be distinctly Japanese, with a unique look and feel that set them apart from every other brand. Playing with a variety of Japanese influences including Tokyo’s biking subculture, the development team were free to explore every possibility.

The focus would be on crafting a bike with a unique, thrilling and enjoyable riding experience, achieved primarily through the delivery of linear torque and easy agility.

Very competitive pricing and easy to ride for all type of customers, including female would be the goal. The look would be naked and mechanical, to give this new breed of distinctively Japanese bike a pure and muscular image. And every piece of technology would be there to serve the rider and create a more engaging, rewarding and satisfying riding experience.

Inspired by Japanese subculture, and created by some of the most visionary designers in the business, the MT-07 arrived shortly after the very first MT-09 was launched, and the year 2014 marked the real beginning of the new Hyper Naked segment that has become the dominant force on the streets of Europe.

The motorcycle world was changing, and Yamaha were leading the way with two of the most significant new models to be launched by the company in its long and illustrious history. With over 250,000 units sold to date, the MT line is proving to be the most successful range ever produced by Yamaha.

Yamaha MT-07: The bike that works for everyone

When the MT-07 first arrived back in 2014 few people realised the immense impact that this new 690cc twin-cylinder naked bike would have on the European market. But as soon as the first machines started to appear on the street the word was out that this was no ordinary motorcycle. All it took was one demo ride for the customer to realise that the MT-07 really was a different kind of machine.

MT stands for ‘Master of Torque’, and the outstanding crossplane technology engine proved to live up to its name, with its linear torque making the MT-07 a joy to ride in different riding conditions. Its compact chassis gave it an ideal blend of agility with stability – and the easy ergonomics and natural seating position made it a big success with riders of all ages and experience levels. Put simply, the MT-07 is a bike that works for everyone – and with its competitive price it can justifiably claim to offer the best balance of performance and value in its class.

European riders know what they want, and they soon realised that this accessible Hyper Naked was something very special. With over 125,000 units of MT-07 (full power and 35kW) sold since its launch, this is by far and away one of the Yamaha’s best-selling motorcycle, and it has been the number 1 model in the naked class every year since 2014, with almost twice as many units sold as its nearest rival.

Next generation Yamaha MT-07: Progressive evolution

As the best-selling naked model in its category from day one, it’s clear that the MT-07 is giving Yamaha’s customers exactly what they want in their bike. Featuring distinctive new bodywork that reflects its pure, next generation MT DNA, the 2021 MT-07 represents the progressive evolution of Europe’s favourite naked bike, and reinforces the core values of this outstandingly successful and much-loved middleweight.

A range of upgraded features including an engaging and characterful EU5-compliant engine as well as more powerful front brakes confirm the MT-07’s class-leading riding experience – while the overall feel of quality is underlined by the fitment of a new LED headlight with LED turn signals and position lights and LCD instruments. Tapered handlebars and a new tank and seat contribute towards a more comfortable upright riding position, while the latest Michelin sports tyres give confident road holding – and turn up the fun factor up by another few clicks.

New colours and refined detailing reinforce the bike’s MT family DNA, and with an extremely competitive price point the MT-07 is ready to maintain its leading position as the bike that works for everyone by offering the best balance of performance and value in its segment.

Next generation design: Pure Hyper Naked DNA

The new model’s next generation bodywork reflects the ongoing evolution of the MT family, and gives the 2021 MT-07 a more refined and distinctive look with a quality feel.

The design concept was to make the new MT-07 the ‘Handsome Younger Sibling” in the Yamaha Hyper Naked family, and this next generation look was achieved by creating a strong and distinctive new style that is both more organic and mature.

Key to the new look is a compact and minimalist new LED headlight assembly whose position lights and headlight gives the front face a Y-shape icon that symbolises the signature look of the next generation MT family. With minimal overhang, the new LED headlight underlines the sense of lightness and agility from the rider’s viewpoint, and by tightly compacting the new bodywork, radiator and seat around the machine’s CP2 engine, the mass-centralised layout projects a real sense of torque and power.

New winglets on the sides of the newly-designed 14-litre fuel tank covers feature sharply sculpted air ducts that visually convey the low of the air into the engine, giving the bike a more dynamic stance and emphasises the new model’s pure Hyper Naked DNA. The angle of the wing-like attachments at the rear of the body emphasises the harmony of the overall design, and viewed from above the outwardly projecting air ducts contrast with the slim seat area to convey a feeling of agility and freedom of movement for the rider.

The newly developed fuel tank covers are manufactured from injection-moulded plastic resin to reduce weight, and a 3D moulded texture is featured around the rider’s knee grip area to give improved controllability for a sportier character. Many other details changes to the colour and finish of fork covers, footpegs, engine stays and engine covers serve to enhance the overall feeling of quality, underlining the MT-07’s winning combination of outstanding value with a premium specification.

LED projector lighting: Compact and powerful

Modern, compact and lightweight, the new bifunctional LED headlight features a centrally-located high/low projector lamp that transforms the character of this next generation model and underlines the pure MT DNA it shares with the all-new MT-09. As well as giving the MT-07 a bold and distinctive new look, this compact projector headlight produces a powerful beam with well-defined edges that provides excellent forward visibility during night time riding. New left and right side dual-layer, translucent LED position lights give the MT-07’s a signature Y-shape face that reaffirms its close family ties with the new MT-09.

Latest EU5-compliant 690cc CP2 engine: More linear response

The latest 690cc, 2-cylinder, CP2 engine features a revised air intake duct design and optimised fuel injector settings, as well as a new 2-into-1 exhaust and new ECU. These changes gives a more linear engine response, while maintaining the characterful performance.

The 2021 engine delivers a smoother torque/rpm curve for excellent top speed and thrilling acceleration, and with maximum torque of 67.0Nm/6.8kg-m produced at just 6,500rpm – and maximum power of 73.4PS/54kW at 9,000rpm – this is the ultimate middleweight powerplant.

A new electric purge cut valve and lightweight battery ensures easy starts even when the machine has been parked for longer periods, and the 2021 engine also features new Crystal Graphite engine covers, as well as a new silver-coloured exhaust pipe and new muffler and exhaust protectors.

The crossplane concept engine’s 270 degree crank gives an uneven firing sequence with a more characterful exhaust note that emphasizes the torque feeling during acceleration – and the 2021 powerplant’s more linear torque delivery ensures outstanding response at all engine speeds, making the MT-07 one of the most enjoyable and accessible bikes in any category.

Larger diameter 298mm dual front discs: More stopping power

One of the most significant technical upgrades on the MT-07 is the new high specification front braking system. At the front the dual disc size is increased from 282mm on the previous model to 298mm on the new bike, giving more stopping power and greater controllability with no gain in weight. Together with the 245mm rear disc, the new system offers increased performance – and with the fitment of the new Michelin tyres, the increased stopping power is especially apparent in wet conditions.

Wider tapered aluminium bars: A more upright and assertive riding position

The MT-07 is already regarded as being the bike that works for everyone thanks to its natural upright riding position and relaxed ergonomics that make it so popular with riders of all ages and experience levels.

Following numerous evaluations of clay models and many test rides using riders with different physiques, Yamaha designers have fine-tuned the new MT-07’s riding position in order to achieve added comfort and better controllability. The 2021 model is fitted with new aluminium tapered handlebars that are 32mm wider to give a more assertive riding position as well as a little extra leverage for easier manoeuvrability at slow speeds.

New LCD instruments: Lighter and easier to read

The 2021 model now features higher specification LCD instruments with spot colour. The inverted dashboard is similar to the unit fitted to the Tracer 700, and its compact and lightweight multifunction display with larger readouts for the clock, gear, tripmeters and tachometer provides clear information. The use of spot colour gives an accent for key displays – and a new handlebar switch enables the rider to operate the meter more easily and efficiently.

LED flashers: Reinforcing the premium look and feel

Along with the new LED headlight the 2021 MT-07 is also equipped with new high intensity flashers at the front and rear. Lighter and more compact, they complement the next generation style of the bike and reinforce the premium specification of this best-selling Hyper Naked.

Latest generation tyres: High traction with excellent handling

New specification Michelin PR5 tyres – 180/55-17 at the rear and 120/70-17 at the front – provide excellent levels of traction and sporty handling performance and excellent wet weather handling qualities, making the MT-07 the ideal choice for new and experienced riders.

New colours, graphics and inishing: reinforcing the MT DNA

For 2021 the new MT-07 is available in the latest colour schemes and graphics that reinforce the MT family connection and give a premium feel to this outstanding middleweight. New black levers give a refined look, and wiring in the cockpit area is rerouted to give an enhanced look.

New features

  • Next generation design
  • LED projector lighting
  • 690cc 2-cylinder EU5 CP2 engine
  • Larger diameter 298mm dual front discs
  • Wider tapered aluminium bars
  • New LCD instruments
  • LED flashers
  • Michelin PR5 tyres
  • New colours, graphics and finishing

Rider benefits

  • Sharper and more dynamic Hyper Naked looks
  • Better visibility, reduced weight, signature MT ‘Y-shape face’
  • EU5-compliant, strong linear torque, gutsy exhaust note
  • More powerful braking with no additional unsprung weight
  • More assertive riding position with easier low-speed turning
  • Clear information, now with remote handlebar operation
  • High visibility and sharper style
  • Excellent traction in wet and dry, added rider confidence, sporty handling
  • Maintain the MT-07’s fashion leading focus and premium style, includes new blacked-out components and Crystal Graphite engine covers

Technical highlights

  • Next generation body design with pure MT family DNA
  • Winglet-style air intakes create distinctive MT-07 style
  • New LED projector headlight with signature Y-shape icon
  • 690cc crossplane technology CP2 engine
  • EU5-compliant
  • 270-degree crank for linear torque delivery
  • Maximum torque of 67.0Nm/6.8kg-m produced at 6,500rpm
  • New 298mm dual front discs
  • New wider aluminium tapered handlebars
  • More comfortable and assertive riding position
  • Inverted LCD spot colour instruments with remote control
  • New LED turn signals
  • Latest generation Michelin PR5 tyres
  • New colours and graphics
  • Compact tubular frame with 805mm seat height

All-new MT-09 Hyper Naked with class-leading specification

Increased torque, decreased weight and radical new looks

The Dark Side of Japan

As the first decade of the 21st century was coming to an end, a group of visionary designers together with some of the industry’s most talented engineers were working on what would become one of the most iconic motorcycles ever created by Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. It was to be the beginning of a whole new chapter in the history of Yamaha, and would see the company break away from conventional Japanese motorcycle design and take a bold new direction – and by doing so would re-establish itself as an innovative and exciting brand within the industry.

The brief was to create a new kind of machine whose primary function was to inspire, excite and impress. A radically different motorcycle that would herald a new beginning, defy convention and be the catalyst for change not just within Yamaha, but also in the world of motorcycling. A bike that was designed to be ridden just for the thrill of the ride, and would instill a real feeling of belonging and a clear sense of identity to a new generation of like-minded individuals.

Rather than looking outwards for inspiration, the close-knit team working on this secret project turned inwards to their Japanese roots and looked at the country’s unique motorcycling subculture to see what was happening on the street. It became clear that the future of motorcycling was going to be all about emotion, thrills, feeling and excitement.

The rest is history. Yamaha’s team unveiled the results of years of hard work back in 2013. The new bike that had been inspired by Japanese minimalism was about to change everything. Quick, agile and aggressively styled, the naked MT-09 instantly attracted a new breed of younger riders who loved its brutal good looks, big-torque engine and adrenaline-charged ride – and at the same time many experienced bikers realised that this new model had everything that made them originally fall in love with motorcycling back in the day.

With its strong emphasis on the thrill of the ride, together with a focus on premium quality, minimalist design and the use of pure technology that enhances the riding experience – The Dark Side of Japan philosophy has inspired every Yamaha Hyper Naked model since day one, and continues to be the force that makes every MT much more than just a motorcycle.

Yamaha MT-09: The purest Hyper Naked

It doesn't seem very long ago that the original MT-09 arrived on the market and brought a radical new force and a new kind of energy to the motorcycle world. Featuring naked body work, a muscular stance and menacing, in-your-face looks, combined with a torque-rich, 3-cylinder,crossplane technology engine – as well as a seriously competitive price point – the first generation MT-09 was an instant success for Yamaha.

The original MT-09 captured the very essence of motorcycling and became the definitive all-round sports bike. Not only did this seminal machine prove to be one of Yamaha’s most successful and iconic models of all time, it was also the company’s first model in the Hyper Naked segment – rapidly followed up by the arrival of the MT-07 in 2014, another extremely successful motorcycle that has established itself as the runaway market leader in the middleweight category.

Today's Hyper Naked line-up includes a total of 8 models from 125cc through to 1000cc, making it one of the widest and most successful line-ups ever produced in the 65 year history of Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. In fact since 2013 over 250,000 units of MT models have been sold in Europe, underlining the widespread appeal of the Hyper Naked concept right across the market.

For 2021 Yamaha is about to reinforce its dominance in the Hyper Naked category with the launch of the all-new MT-09. Lighter, more powerful and more technologically advanced in every area, this dynamic new motorcycle is the purest expression of the core values that make the MT range Yamaha’s most successful segment, and one of the most successful product line-ups in the European market.

All-new MT-09: Less weight, more power, highest specifcation

Since the original MT-09 arrived on the scene in 2013 the Hyper Naked market has grown tobecome one of the largest and most important segments for Yamaha. This game-changing model attracted almost 50,000 European customers between 2013 and 2017. In 2018 the second generation model was introduced, and with its new styling and EU4 compliant engine, it assured the continued success of this iconic model.

While remaining absolutely true to the fundamental values that underpin the Hyper Naked philosophy, the all-new 2021 MT-09 is a higher specifcation motorcycle that is lighter, more powerful and more advanced in every area. The key development goals were firstly to achieve Kanno Seino (exhilarating performance) that would boost the excitement factor on every ride – and secondly to enable the rider to explore the machine’s outstanding engine and chassis performance while retaining a comfortable and natural ride quality by the inclusion of the most comprehensive package of electronic rider aids.

New MT-09 delivers even more dynamic performance, as well as more agile handling. Equipped as standard with class-leading electronic control technology and top level equipment – the all newMT-09 offers the ultimate package with the most competitive pricing in the 900cc Hyper Naked class.

New EU5, 889cc, CP3 engine: More cc, more power, more torque, more fun

Increased levels of feedback and control. A key factor in the runaway success of the MT-09 is the exciting performance of its CP3, 3-cylinder, crossplane technology engine. After 8 years of providing the most exciting and rewarding riding experience to European owners, the time has come for the much-loved 847cc engine to make way for a new design that delivers higher levels of power and torque at all engine speeds.

To achieve a more torquey and agile feel the 2021 EU5-compliant engine has been completely redesigned and reduced in weight. Virtually every major component is new, including pistons, connecting rods, camshafts and crankcases, and despite its larger capacity and higher power output, the 2021 powerplant – including the new exhaust – is 1,700g lighter than the current design.

Engine capacity is enlarged to 889cc by increasing the bore size by 3mm, and the extra 42cc boosts maximum horsepower by 4PS to 119PS at 10,000rpm. However, the most significant improvement – and one that is key to the dramatically enhanced performance and more dynamic character of the new bike – can be seen in the CP3 engine’s higher torque output. Maximum torque on the new engine is 93 Nm, and peak torque is achieved at only 7,000rpm – a full 1,500rpm lower down the rev scale.

Higher levels of linear torque at lower engine speeds increase the ‘real world’ performance of the new MT-09 by enabling the rider to fully utilise its road-focused power delivery at everyday riding speeds. The larger-capacity EU5-compliant CP3 engine makes the new MT-09 an even more exciting and rewarding motorcycle that is able to deliver stronger performance in every type of riding condition, fast or slow, wet or dry.

Whether weaving through urban traffic on the daily trip into the city, cruising to the café or pushing hard through some twisty back roads, the new big-torque 889cc engine makes a real difference on every ride – and together with its new up and down Quick Shift System, the 2021MT-09 is the main contender for top honours in the important 900cc Hyper Naked category.

New fuel delivery system: Strong torque and power with increased economy

One of the key design features of the new 889cc engine is the completely new fuel delivery system. While the current MT-09 features its fuel injectors attached directly to the cylinder head, on the all-new model the fuel injectors are mounted to the throttle valve side, and fuel is injected onto the back of the intake valve heads.

This system gives better fuel atomisation and also reduces the adhesion of fuel to the intake port walls. This new system produces outstanding combustion efficiency, and contributes towards the new model’s 9% increase in fuel efficiency.

New APSG ride-by-wire throttle: Lower weight, excellent feel

The MT-09 features a Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) which is upgraded for 2021 with the addition of a new Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG). Similar to the unit featured on the latest YZF-R1 and R1M and equipped with model-specific friction and throttle opening settings, this lightweight ride-by-wire system replaces the previous model’s pulley set-up to give excellent feel and reliability.

New intake and exhaust systems: enhanced sense of torque and acceleration

The all-new 889cc engine is equipped with a redesigned high-efficiency air intake system and a new exhaust that are designed to enhance the sense of acceleration and torque felt by the rider. Newly designed stainless steel header pipes each have a different curvature to create an excellent pulse effect, and with the exhaust exiting on both the left and right sides, the rider feels the intoxicating roar in full ‘stereo’ mode.

Featuring a new 1.5 chambered design incorporating left/right symmetrical tail pipes, the lightweight exhaust system weighs 1,400g less than the previous system, and has been specifically tuned to create an enhanced feeling of torque when the rider is accelerating from a stop or powering out of a low-speed corner. 

As engine speed increases the intake sound becomes more dominant and heightens the feeling of acceleration felt by the rider, and the new intake system is specifically designed to further enhance the MT-09’s torque-rich riding sensation. This has been achieved by equipping the new high-efficiency air cleaner box with an all-new three duct layout, with each duct featuring adifferent cross section and length.

Optimised transmission and uprated A&S clutch: Smoother and easier

To match the 2021 model’s increased engine performance the transmission has been optimised by slightly raising the ratios on the 1st and 2nd gears, and for a good feel when shifting gear a newly designed shift fork is fitted. To handle the increased torque the A&S clutch uses a new material for its friction plates, and the cam angle is changed to give a lighter pull at the lever, together with even better chassis behavior when downshifting.

Die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis: Lighter, stronger, more agile

The 2021 model MT-09 has been improved in every area, and features an all-new lightweight CF die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis that has been developed in unison with the larger capacity 889cc big-torque engine. Yamaha is a world leader in CF (Controlled Filling) technology, and this high-tech die-casting process has enabled the company to produce extremely light and strong aluminium structures such as the new MT-09 frame and swingarm.

Yamaha’s CF technology has enabled the thinnest wall section on any Yamaha Die Cast frame ever. Featuring larger twin beams that run directly from the steering head assembly through to the swingarm pivot to give optimal strength, the newly-designed aluminium frame, subframe and swingarm are 2.3kg lighter than the previous structure, making a significant contribution towards the increased agility of the 2021 MT-09.

For enhanced handling characteristics, the frame’s longitudinal, lateral and torsional rigidity balance has been refined, with a 50% increase in lateral rigidity providing high levels of straightline stability.

To match the more compact frame and shorter front forks the head pipe position is lowered by 30mm, giving an increased feeling of front end grip when cornering, together with improved levels of rider feedback. Handling agility is also enhanced by the use of a newly designed CFdie-cast aluminium subframe that is 1.5kg lighter than the previous model’s steel design.

High-rigidity swingarm: Lower weight, better stability

Compared to the current design which has a ‘banana’ shaped right section, the new 250g lighter aluminium swingarm has a much straighter right side for a more symmetrical appearance that complements the next generation body design. To achieve better stability when cornering and also riding in a straight line, the 2021 swingarm pivot is mounted between the frame structure, rather than the pivots being mounted on the outside of the frame as before. This new swingarm design and layout reduces unsprung weight, and complements the revised rigidity balance ofthe new frame.

Next generation coverless body design: Bare, beautiful, and pure MT DNA

With its bare, beautiful and functional look, the new MT-09 represents the next major step in the ongoing evolution of the MT DNA. The design concept was to strip away everything but the essentials and present an exterior that would reveal the honest mechanical beauty of the bike’s functional components.

Yamaha’s designers have been faithful to the essential character of the MT, while at the same time creating a next generation Hyper Naked that visually expresses the machine’s defining qualities: namely the bike’s sound, torque, freedom and agility.

Conveying a sense of torque

The sense of torque is conveyed by the extreme level of mass centralisation that accentuates the bike’s muscular looks and creates a feeling of pent-up power. By locating the headlight, tank, seat and exhaust as close to the engine as possible, the overall impression is one of a tightly compacted mass of components that are ready for action. New details such as reinforcing ribs on the crankcase cover express the feelings of mechanical strength, and the new Crystal Graphite colour of the frame was developed to highlight the material qualities of the mechanical parts, and to convey an impressive and highly refined appearance.

Minimalist ‘coverless’ design

This new lightweight Hyper Naked is also about agility, and to express the outstanding handling performance of the all-new MT-09, Yamaha have developed a coverless design in which all unnecessary bodywork is removed to give a dynamic and agile new look from every angle. The compact front fender and minimalist headlamp nacelle are the only other pieces of bodywork on this muscular naked chassis, highlighting the beautifully styled chassis and giving the bike a strong, purposeful and mechanically pure look, all of which is accentuated by the Crystal Graphite frame colour.

The slimline seat and pointed tail – along with the total absence of sidepanels and other unnecessary additions – serve to emphasise the bare and beautiful good looks of this high specifcation Hyper Naked. 

The compact body design emphasises the pure and athletic character of this definitive Hyper Naked which weighs in at just 189kg – 4kg less than the current model and significantly less than its closest competitor in the 900cc naked class.

Flexible riding position: Accommodating all riders

The riding position was designed to accommodate riders of varying physiques, allowing riders to set a riding position that gives them a feeling of comfort the moment they get on the bike. In particular, the shapes of parts like the fuel tank and seat have been refined through repeated Kanno Hyoka (evaluating motorcycle performance based on test rider perceptions and feedback) to give the rider a feeling of being one with the machine.

6-axis IMU: R-Series Supersport technology for ultimate performance

The new MT-09 is the first Yamaha Hyper Naked model to be equipped with a high-tech 6-axis IMU, one of the most sophisticated pieces of intelligent electronics in the industry. Developed from the system used on the YZF-R1 since 2015, the 6-axis IMU on the new MT-09 is 50% smaller and 40% lighter thanks to a thorough review of the sensor layout.

Constantly measuring acceleration in the forward-backward; up-down and left-right directions –as well as the angular velocity of the machine’s pitch, roll and yaw directions – the 6-axis IMU is able to send data in real-time to the ECU which controls the electronic rider aids. The class-leading array of rider aids includes lean sensitive Traction Control System (TCS), Slide Control System (SCS) as well as a front wheel LIFt Control System (LIF) and Brake Control system (BC).

Lean-sensitive rider aids: Total controllability in all conditions

By monitoring the speed difference between the front and rear wheels, the lean sensitive TCS helps to optimise the drive force of the rear tyre during acceleration. Developed from the system that has proved to be so popular with YZF-R1 riders, the SCS adjusts power when a rear wheel slide is predicted, allowing the rider to focus on their riding. Similarly, the LIF enables the rider to concentrate on the road ahead by adjusting engine output to control front wheel lift and smooth out machine behaviour when pulling away and accelerating. The fourth electronic rider aid is the BC that works with the ABS and independently controls and modulates the front and rear brake pressure, helping to prevent wheel lock-up during hard braking when riding upright as well as when banking.

Three TCS modes: Intervention levels to suit everyrider

The TCS has three switchable modes, and each mode integrates three of the rider support systems, meaning that the intervention levels are all changed at once in Modes 1 and 2. Mode 1 delivers moderate intervention, while Mode 2 gives strong intervention and Mode M enables the rider to select manual settings.

By preventing wheel lock-ups and slides, as well as wheel spin and wheelies, these electronic aids reduce the workload of the rider, allowing them to concentrate more fully on the road ahead and enjoy the riding experience.  

3.5-inch full colour TFT instruments: Modern, clearand precise

The new 3.5-inch TFT instruments feature a full colour display that shows clear and precise data. Its lightweight construction and mid-sized layout has been chosen to blend seamlessly with the new LED headlight assembly and maintain the compact and agile feeling from the rider’s viewpoint.

The bar-type tachometer changes colour as rpm rise and falls, and the display includes a clock, gearshift indicator, water and air temperature and more. The new display is linked to the 6-axis IMU, and riders can switch between displays and also select their preferred mode for the electronic aids via a handlebar-mounted switch.

LED projector lighting: Compact, powerful and pure MT design

Compact, powerful and modern, the MT-09’s new headlight design is pure MT, and works perfectly with the next generation looks and special feel of this new Hyper Naked.

The full LED headlight assembly features a single central bifunctional projector headlight with multiple LEDs that provide a broad, even and powerful beam with soft edges for both low and high beam settings. Twin LED position lights present a bold new face for the MT-09, and they project a signature Y-shape icon to give the bike a predatory stare that represents the future direction of MT design.

The theme is continued at the rear, where the lightweight LED taillight projects a Y-shape illumination that confirms the bike’s next generation MT DNA.

Quick Shift System: Fast and smooth upshifting with new downshift function

For ultimate acceleration the MT-09 gets a Quick Shift System (QSS) that ensures seamless and clutchless full-throttle upshifts and smooth downshifts. Together with the A&S clutch, this electronic aid transforms the riding experience and enables the rider to optimise the increased torque levels for more thrilling acceleration as well as higher levels of chassis stability and control when downshifting.

10-spoke Spin Forged wheels: Yamaha’s lightest ever

Developed by Yamaha, this exclusive spin forging technology involves the cast wheels being heated up and spun at high speed while pressure is applied via rollers to the rims to reduce their thickness to just 2mm, while retaining their immense strength.

Any weight saving gives an immediate performance advantage, and this is particularly true when it comes to unsprung weight, where even the smallest reduction makes a significant contribution towards improved handling, steering and suspension performance. The new Spin Forged front and rear wheels are 700g lighter than previously, and this gives a decrease in the gyroscopic moment of inertia of the wheels – with a significant 11% decrease at the rear wheel making a big contribution to the new model’s agile handling character.

Fully adjustable front suspension: Premiumspecification KYB® system

Featuring 41mm tubes that give smooth suspension action and maintain their high levels of flex resistance even under the heaviest braking, the new lightweight high specification KYB® front forks are fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping, and run with revised factory settings that match the character of the compact new higher rigidity frame and reduce the tendency to pitch.

The rear suspension linkage design has been changed and the new adjustable KYB® rear shock is set up to suit the all-new chassis with its signifiantly reduced unsprung weight.

Front brake with radial master cylinder: Linearpower, total controllability

Every major part of the new MT-09 has been significantly redesigned and uprated for 2021, and to match the higher engine performance and more dynamic chassis character, this high-tech Hyper Naked is only the second Yamaha model to be equipped with this Supersport-type front braking system.

Featuring a Nissin radial master cylinder in which the piston moves in a direction that’s parallel to the brake lever travel, this Supersport-class technology gives a more linear supply of hydraulic pressure to the dual front disc brakes for excellent controllability

Technical highlights

  • New 889cc, inline 3-cylinder, 4-valve, DOHC, liquid-cooled EU5 engine
  • More power at all engine speeds
  • 7% increase in maximum torque at lower rpm
  • 4PS increase in maximum power
  • New 2.3kg lighter CF die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis
  • Lower 189kg wet weight – 4kg reduction and the lightest in 900cc naked class
  • Shorter wheelbase for more dynamic handling
  • New lightweight aluminium swingarm
  • Bare and beautiful ‘coverless’ new generation MT styling
  • Premium quality throughout, with Crystal Graphite frame finish
  • Full LED lighting with Y-shape brand signature icon design front and rear
  • New QSS – Quick Shift System with up and downshift functions
  • Refined A&S – Assist & Slip clutch
  • Light and compact new 6-axis IMU
  • Lean-sensitive rider aids: TCS, SCS and LIFt with three intervention modes
  • ABS and BC – Brake Control system
  • D-MODE switchable engine running modes
  • New ultra-light Spin Forged 17-inch 10-spoke wheels
  • Larger 180/70-17 rear tyre with 120/70-17 front tyre
  • Fully adjustable KYB® 41mm USD forks with revised settings
  • Adjustable KYB® rear shock with revised settings
  • Full colour 3.5-inch TFT instruments with remote handlebar switch
  • Radial front master cylinder, 298mm dual front discs

New Ténéré 700 Rally Edition

Iconic Dakar heritage colours, extra protection and a higherspecification

Since its launch the Ténéré 700 has quickly established itself as the best-selling middleweight adventure bike in Europe. – with over 8000 units sold to date. Combining characterful torque-rich engine performance with agile handling, remarkable all-round versatility and a high level of long distance comfort, the Ténéré 700 is proving to be an outstanding success.

The Ténéré legend has been growing since the very first Yamaha Ténéré adventure bike was introduced in 1983, and with its historic blue and yellow colours plus black Yamaha speedblock, the new Ténéré700 Rally Edition celebrates the achievements of Yamaha's Dakar heroes and their machines from a bygone era. These special colours are exclusive to the new Rally Edition, making this an extremely desirable and collectable motorcycle for every rider who appreciates the iconic status of the original Ténéré and the part it played in the Dakar and many other rally raid events. As well as its specialcolours, this premium adventure bike also features a higher standard specification, and is equipped with a range of lightweight components that offer increased protection and deliver a more dynamicrally riding experience.

The making of the Ténéré legend

Named after the massive sandy plain in the southern Sahara Desert that stretches from north eastern Niger to western Chad, the Ténéré can trace its beginnings all the way back to 1976 when Yamaha launched its first large-capacity 4-stroke single – the legendary XT500. Tough, good looking and with a unique thumper character, this enduro-style dual purpose bike was an immediate sales success in Europe and it became one of the company's best-selling models for many years.

The XT and the Dakar

Perhaps the most significant chapter in the XT500's remarkable story was its role in the burgeoning rally scene. Frenchman Thierry Sabine was a man with a dream of making real adventure accessible to every rider, and he realised that dual purpose enduro style bikes like the XT could open up a whole new era in off road riding. Sabine set about creating the ultimate off road challenge, and his dream came true in December 1978 when 182 vehicles assembled at the Place du Trocadéro in Paris for the start of the very first Paris-Dakar Rally. Amongst the two wheeled entry were many Yamahas, and with its rugged construction, off road chassis and high-torque thumper engine, the XT500 proved to be the ideal machine for this 10,000 kilometre event which was about to change the motorcycle world in so many ways for decades to come. Yamaha pilots Cyril Neveu and Gilles Comte made history by taking first and second overall at the inaugural Dakar, and 1980 witnessed another win by the Yamaha mounted Neveu – with Yamaha XT riders also taking 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall. With its legendary status now assured, the XT500 went on to become one of the best-selling motorcycles in Europe with a huge and loyal following, and it set the scene for the development of a new generation of Yamaha adventure bikes that would enable every rider to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

The first Ténéré

Equipped with a large capacity fuel tank, long-travel forks, disc front brake and a single shock Monocross rear suspension system, the 1983 XT600Z Ténéré was Yamaha's first purpose-built production adventure bike that took the performance of the XT range to a new level. Like the original XT500, the later XT600Z was to demonstrate its ability to handle the most extreme conditions in the Paris-Dakar Rally, and its strong performance contributed towards Yamaha's unrivalled record of 18 podiums in the first 6 editions of the event.

Yamaha's Dakar heroes

1983 also proved to be the year that the Paris-Dakar rally confirmed its fearsome reputation as the most extreme event in the motorcycle world – with over 40 competitors getting lost in the desert for up to 4 days, and 75% of the riders failing to finish. Riding the then new XT600Z Ténéré, SonautoYamaha team riders Serge Bacou and Jean-Claude Olivier took 5th and 7th respectively, a fantastic achievement for both the riders and the new bike. Olivier went on to take an impressive 6th placeoverall in '84, with team mate Bacou 9th on their distinctive blue Ténéré race bikes, and in doing so they became an integral part of the history of the world's most famous rally – and achieved legendary status as two of the most talented and charismatic rally raid competitors of their time. Known to everyone as 'JCO', Jean-Claude Olivier was not only one of the biggest personalities within the Dakar -he was also CEO of Yamaha Motor France! As well as being the toughest and most determined racer, JCO was a visionary businessman who made Yamaha the number one brand in France. JCO played a keyrole in making the Ténéré one of Yamaha's most successful, legendary and enduring models – and thehistoric colours of the Ténéré 700 Rally Edition are a fitting tribute to him and his fellow Dakar heroes.

Heritage Rally colours

Launched in 2019, the Ténéré 700 is the result of one of Yamaha's most intensive development programmes that involved some of the world's leading rally raid riders testing and evaluating the prototypes in a wide range of terrain all over the world. With its compact and agile chassis as well as a characterful and torque-rich, 689cc, CP2 engine, this best-selling middleweight adventure bike has the ability to deliver thrilling off road performance together with exceptional long distance comfort on the highway. Proudly assembled in France by a dedicated workforce alongside the Ténéré 700, the new Ténéré 700 Rally Edition features a special blue and yellow livery that pays homage to the Yamaha racebikes ridden by JCO and Serge Bacou in the '83 and '84 editions of the Dakar rally. Yamaha lovers will recognise the iconic design from the XT600Z of 1983. Black Yamaha speedblock graphics reinforce the historic look, making this an authentic tribute to the men and their machines that inspired so many riders to travel beyond the next horizon in their search for new adventures and lasting memories.

Increased protection

The Ténéré 700 Rally Edition features a high specification as standard, and is equipped with a number of components that offer increased levels of chassis protection in off road riding situations. Manufactured from 4mm thick aluminium, the heavy duty skid plate gives a high level of protection to the engine and lower frame tubes, and also features a tool box mounting point. There's also a black aluminium radiator protector that's designed to prevent the ingress of small sticks or stones – and the laser-cut aluminium chain guard enhances the premium style of this special edition model.

Rally Seat

The exclusive one-piece Rally Seat gives a riding position that's 20mm higher at 895mm, and this gives a straighter lower body position that makes it easier to move from sitting down to standing up on the footrests when riding off road. Its dual material construction gives a high quality feel and finish, and the white Yamaha logo complements the iconic heritage colours.

Akrapovic slip-on muffler

The 689cc, CP2 engine is fitted with an Akrapovic slip-on muffler that emits a rich, deep and throaty sound that enhances the high-torque sensation when accelerating. This high quality lightweight can is fitted with carbon heatshields that reinforce the overall feeling of quality.

LED flashers

Lightweight and compact LED flashers at the front and rear give a modern and sleek look, and help to give a sharper and more rugged appearance to this high specification adventure bike.

Grip pads

Special rubber grip pads come as standard on the Rally Edition, and these are designed to provide added knee and inner thigh grip during acceleration, enabling the rider to achieve optimum control.

Off road handlebar grips

To underline its genuine off road abilities the handlebars are equipped with off road grips that give a high degree for confident riding in dusty or muddy conditions.

Ténéré 700 Rally Edition Highlights

  • Iconic heritage colours with historic Dakar factory race bike influence
  • Enhanced Rally feeling from Rally Seat, tank grip pads and off road grips
  • Lightweight Akrapovic slip-on muffler gives rich, deep and throaty sound
  • Extra protection from the heavy-duty skid plate, radiator guard and chain guard
  • Durable and modern LED flashers front and rear
  • Characterful 689cc, 4-stroke, CP2 engine delivering high levels of linear torque
  • Lightweight and durable double cradle tubular steel frame
  • Slim, compact and ergonomic body
  • Aggressive rally-bred face with 4 x LED headlights
  • Adjustable long-travel front and rear suspension
  • Tough and lightweight 21 inch / 18 inch spoked wheels with adventure tyres
  • Switchable ABS for on the fly adjustment

Nick Sanders, motorcycle adventurer

Yamaha is proud to be associated with Nick Sanders, one of today's greatest motorcycle adventurers who is currently on his 8th circumnavigation of the world. Having ridden over 1 million kilometres on many different brands, Nick knows exactly what he wants from an adventure bike, and his choice of theTénéré 700 for his latest round the world trip speaks for itself. “It's a proud and happy coincidence to make a film that fits the launch of the new Ténéré 700 Rally connected with huge historical importance to Dakar legend Serge Bacou. As a film-maker I had a brief to try and understand why the name Ténéré was so important to Yamaha. This was especially interesting because I was to ride the very first production Ténéré 700 on its inaugural adventure from Yamaha's MBK factory near Paris and roughly follow parts of the original Paris-Dakar route to Senegal. It's a road test. It's an adventure. It's also a film that gives a little insight into why 'heritage' is so important to a brand like Yamaha with a nod to JCO and of course Monsieur Bacou himself.” Nick is currently on the London-Sydney leg of this adventure, and his exploits can be followed at and The new Paris-Dakar movie from Nick Sanders will be posted on Youtube channel MAD TV (Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV the 24th of June).

Price and availability

The Ténéré 700 Rally Edition will be available in July 2020 the on the road price is £10,477


The Ténéré 700 Rally Edition will be available in Sky Blue.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

Yamaha has developed a range of Genuine Accessories for the Ténéré 700 Rally Edition that enable every owner to personalise their bike and make it their own. The constantly evolving range includes comfort, functional and performance accessories that have been developed to the same high quality standards as your Yamaha motorcycle. Each part can be purchased individually, and Yamaha has also developed special accessory packs to suit individual requirements. There's also a range of apparel including CE approved adventure riding jackets and jeans, as well as a range of T shirts, caps, hoodies and more. The Genuine Accessory and apparel range is constantly evolving, and full information can be seen at

Yamaha unveils the pricing of the new Tricity300, as well as three accessory pack options

Urban Mobility the smartest choice

Yamaha is taking the Urban Mobility segment to the next level with the introduction of the all-newTricity 300 – a smart and modern 3-wheel scooter with a best-in-class specification and premium buildquality. Its dynamic styling brings a fresh and sporty new look to the city streets – and being thelightest model in its class makes it ideal for first-time customers.

Easy to ride and accessible to 'B' licence car drivers*

The Tricity 300 can be ridden by customers who possess a full 'B' car licence. Its Yamaha-exclusive Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) system gives sporty, agile and confident handling with a user-friendly character. Two front wheels means that the rider benefits from additional front-end traction and plenty of braking power from two front discs, which together reinforce the feeling of stability.The lightweight chassis features a front-rear weight distribution of around 50:50 with a rider on board, and this – together with optimised steering geometry – contributes towards the Tricity 300's natural steering and excellent stability, making it ideally suited to riders who may be new to 2 or 3 wheels.

Dynamic sports styling

By blending styling cues from Yamaha's best-selling MAX Sport Scooters together with a touch of DNA from the prestigious NIKEN Sport Touring motorcycle, the Tricity 300 is one of the most dynamic looking 3-wheel models in its class. Its short and narrow nose emphasises the light and agile character- and the large diameter 14-inch front wheels and wide 120-section tyres convey a feeling of front-end stability and traction.

Powerful, smooth and economical BLUE CORE engine

The new Tricity 300 is driven by Yamaha's latest BLUE CORE engine – one of the most sophisticated designs in the category, offering an ideal balance of performance, economy and versatility. The liquid cooled,4-stroke, SOHC, 300cc, 4-valve, single-cylinder engine is based on the advanced design used by the best-selling XMAX 300 Sport Scooter and delivers strong acceleration together with good fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Premium specification

As well as being the lightest model in its class, the Tricity 300's high specification includes a number of premium features, including large diameter disc brakes with a Unified Braking System and ABS for greater controllability on a wide range of road surfaces. Its spacious underseat storage can accommodate two full-face helmets or one full-face helmet and an A4-sized briefcase, and the compartment is fitted with internal LED lighting. Other standard features include Smart Key operation and a Traction Control System, as well as easy-to-read LCD instruments and a parking brake.

Standing Assist system for extra convenience

A key feature on the new Tricity 300 is its Standing Assist system that provides extra convenience by helping the machine to remain upright when stopped. As soon as the throttle is opened the Standing Assist system disengages automatically, enabling the rider to pull away smoothly and effortlessly. By helping to keep the Tricity 300 temporarily in an upright position, the Standing Assist system also makes it easier when placing the vehicle on its main stand.

New Accessory Packs and wide range of Genuine Accessories

Every customer has their own unique lifestyle with a different set of priorities, and Yamaha has developed three new Accessory Packs with a range of carefully selected products to match individual requirements. Featuring a Sports Screen, License Plate Holder and Aluminium Foot Panels, the Sports Pack delivers an extra dose of dynamism and even sportier looks! With its feelings of stability and confidence, the Tricity 300 is ideal for year round riding, and the Winter Pack comes with an Apron, Grip Heater and Knuckle Visors for increased comfort in cold and bad weather. For added practicality and convenience the Urban Pack incorporates a High Screen, Rear Carrier and 39L Top Case that make the Tricity 300 an even more effective commuter. Yamaha's range of individual accessories for the Tricity 300 is constantly evolving, and the comprehensive line-up is now joined by a number of new products including a choice of slip-on mufflers, a catalytic converter, and a comfort seat. Each product featured in the three new Accessory Packs can also be purchased individually, enabling customers to create their very own Tricity 300 tomatch their needs and desires.The Genuine Accessory and apparel range is constantly evolving, and full information can be seen at

Price and availability

Available in a choice of three colours, Nimbus Grey, Tech Kamo and Gunmetal Grey, Tricity 300 will be in the UK market in July 2020 at the recommended retail price of £7,399 including VAT.

Tricity 300 Key Features

  • Dynamic new 3-wheel Urban Mobility model with enhanced feelings of stability
  • Easy to ride for first-time customers with a full 'B' car licence*
  • Modern, smart and active style with premium quality
  • tanding Assist system for increased convenience
  • Economical, powerful and quiet-running 300cc BLUE CORE engine
  • Lowest weight in class for lightweight agility and easy parking
  • Storage for 2 full-face helmets – or 1 full-face helmet and an A4 briefcase
  • LED lights, LCD instruments and convenient Smart Key operation
  • TCS, ABS, Unified Brake System and parking brake

* Limitations and restrictions may apply per country under applicable local laws.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

Yamaha has developed a wide range of Genuine Accessories for the Urban Mobility models including the new Tricity 300. The constantly evolving line-up consists of comfort related items such as grip heaters, passenger backrests and aprons, as well as accessories aimed at enhancing functionality and practicality – including luggage, high screens, and GPS stays. There's also a range of Yamaha branded apparel including urban riding jackets, riding gloves, T shirts, caps, hoodies and more. The Genuine Accessory and apparel range is constantly evolving, and full information can be seen at

MyGarage App

The new Tricity 300 is aimed at the premium end of the Urban Mobility market, and many owners will want to personalise their vehicle with a range of stylistic, comfort and functional parts. MyGarage is the quick and easy way to build a unique Yamaha, and it enables customers to experiment with and compare different combinations of Genuine Accessories and see which components work best for them. Using the MyGarage app anyone can instantly create their dream version of the Tricity 300 and view it in from any angle in high definition. This app takes the guesswork out of choosing the right parts, and the final list can be emailed to a Yamaha dealer who will supply and fit the selected Genuine Accessories.


The MyRide app enables Yamaha riders to track every ride and record a variety of data including lean angle, acceleration, top speed, elevation changes and distance covered. Tricity 300 riders can compare journey times for each trip and see which is the quickest, shortest or most efficient route into the city. Data can be saved and stored under the customer's own account – and photos can be added to the trip data and shared on social media. It's the best way to add another dimension to every ride and allows riders to analyse each journey and see which route is best for them.

New Tricity 300. The Best Move in Town

New Yamaha 3-wheel model targets the premium Urban Mobility sector

Yamaha is one of the leading names in 3-wheel motorcycle technology and the company is now ready to revitalise the Urban Mobility segment with the new Tricity 300, a premium multi-wheel model that brings a fresh new look to this important part of the European marketplace. 

Drawing on the in-depth knowledge gained from the development and production of the Tricity 125 and NIKEN Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) models, Yamaha's designers have created a fashionable, modern anddynamic 3-wheel scooter that is targeted at the top end of the market.

Based closely on the 3CT prototype that attracted huge interest when it first went on display in 2018, the Tricity 300 is ready to make a great impression in 2020 with its best-in-class specification, competitive price and unrivalled quality.

Tricity 300: Easy to ride and accessible to 'B' licence car drivers*

This new 3-wheel Urban Mobility scooter is equipped with a 'BLUE CORE' engine as well as a model-specific Leaning Multi Wheel steering linkage. The Tricity 300's leaning front wheels give a natural and confident cornering character, and the high levels of traction offered by the two front wheels reinforce the feelings of stability, even on wet or slippery surfaces. 

A key attraction of the new Tricity 300 is the fact that it may be ridden by customers with a full 'B' car licence * – making it one of the most accessible larger capacity Urban Mobility Yamaha models that has the potential to appeal to a whole new audience.

Featuring a sleek design, the Tricity 300 is aimed squarely at the top end of the Urban Mobility segment. In contrast to many current multi-wheel models, Yamaha anticipate that the majority of the demand will come from style and tech-conscious male urban commuters who are looking for an innovative, accessible and practical alternative to the car.


The Tricity 300 will be available Tech Kamo, Nimbus Grey and Matt Grey.

Please note that full details about the new Tricity 300 will be announced on 4th November 11.30 hrs CET.

* Limitations and restrictions may apply per country under applicable local laws.

New MT-125: Step into the Dark Side

The Dark Side of Japan

When Yamaha launched the revolutionary MT-09 in 2013, a whole new world was created along with it. The MT craze has taken Europe by storm and fired the imagination of thousands of riders who are looking for a different kind of motorcycle and a distinct way to express themselves. With their signature Japanese heritage and unique style, Yamaha's Hyper Naked bikes are the natural choice of those unconventional riders who want to show real attitude.

Delivering thrilling performance, agility and aggressive looks, the MT models represent the spirit of the Dark Side of Japan and enable everyone to feel the adrenaline rush that a true Master of Torque guarantees.

Hyper Naked and the MT range

Ever since its launch the MT range has delivered on its objective, becoming one of the most successful line-ups ever produced by Yamaha with almost a quarter of a million units in Europe alone.

Today's Hyper Naked segment includes models from 125cc through to 1000cc and offers every rider the opportunity to step up in experience and performance. Those looking for something more niche and high spec can choose among the sportier SP models, or long-distance runners like the MT-10Tourer Edition.

The Yamaha Hyper Naked segment is constantly evolving with new styling, state-of-the-art technology and electronics. The recent launch of the MT-03 and now the MT-125 confirm that the doorway into the Dark Side of Japan's is open to all – all you have to do is step in.

New MT-125: Darkness is the Next Level

Equipped with a new high-tech engine that offers even more thrilling performance, and featuring new radical styling, the MT-125 is the ultimate introduction to the 125cc class.

With an advanced premium specification that can hold its own against larger capacity models, the MT-125 gives young riders an exciting way to enter the Hyper Naked scene and become one of the Dark Riders. With its sporty chassis and strong all-round performance, this is also an ideal motorcycle for those riders who want a stylish lightweight for everyday use.

Powerful new 125cc engine with VVA

The new MT-125 is equipped with an all-new engine that benefits from some of the most advanced technology to be found in the 125cc class. One of its key features is the YZF-R125 derived Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system that ensures high levels of top-end performance while also delivering plenty of torque at lower speeds.

The VVA is an ingenious system that incorporates two intake cams, each one with its own rocker arm. The low cam operates up to 7,400rpm, and its profile and timing is designed to deliver a smooth and wide band of torque for strong performance at low to medium engine speeds. Above 7,400rpm a compact solenoid switches the engine from the low cam to the high cam, and its higher profile and revised valve timing gives a harder-hitting top-end that delivers increased performance from 7,400rpm through to the maximum power output at 10,000rpm – 1,000rpm higher than the previous design.

Along with its higher rpm ceiling, the new VVA engine also runs with revised gearing for more thrilling acceleration – and with its range of high-tech internals, the new engine is smoother and more economical.

Assist and Slipper clutch

The MT-125's new Assist and Slipper (A&S) clutch is a significant upgrade for 2020 and offers a number of important benefits to the rider. Its extremely light feel at the lever reduces the level of physical input by the rider, making this lightweight Hyper Naked so much more comfortable in stop-start urban riding situations.

he A&S clutch also enables quick and smooth downshifting, and this helps to maintain chassis stability and give enhanced control when changing down through the gears – a particularly important feature when the road surface is wet or slippery.

Modern and aggressive new body design

The MT range is characterised by its dynamic style and naked bodywork. MT design is constantly evolving, and completely new bodywork for 2020 gives the MT-125 a much lighter and more aggressive look that perfectly conveys its thrilling and agile character.

Yamaha's Hyper Naked models are instantly recognisable with their mass-forward body design in which the major components are located as close to the engine as possible to give a proud and aggressive stance. The new MT-125 features a smaller 10-litre fuel tank and a much shorter tail section that – alongside the new headlight assembly – contribute towards the bike's ultra-compact silhouette.

Bold new twin-eye face

Featuring a dramatic new look with its dual slant-eye position lights, the new MT-125 projects a predatory and intimidating stare that confirms its position as the most dynamic naked 125. Beneath the twin position lights is a compact LED headlight with a powerful beam, giving the MT-125 a bold and defiant look that is evidence of the pure MT DNA flowing through its veins.

More comfort and control

Yamaha's MT models have established a reputation for their agility and ergonomic riding position, making them the default choice for riders who want dynamic looks, thrilling performance and everyday versatility. The 2020 MT-125 takes comfort and control to the next level with its bold new bodywork and revised riding position.

The smaller fuel tank and new close-fitting one-piece seat enable the rider to move their bodyweight freely around the bike when braking or cornering, giving a feeling of greater control. To achieve a slightly more upright riding position the footrests are moved forwards and the handlebar position is raised – a configuration that helps to centralise rider mass while also enhancing comfort and agility.

Negative LCD instruments

The new MT-125 is equipped with LCD instruments that contribute towards the premium quality look and feel. This lightweight meter panel features a negative LCD display that includes a central digital speedometer, bar-type tachometer, two tripmeters, fuel reserve tripmeter and clock – as well as instant and average fuel consumption, average speed and a welcome screen.

Wide 140-section rear tyre

Viewed from the front the new MT-125 is a truly impressive looking motorcycle thanks to its aggressive new twin eye face. For 2020 this lightweight Hyper Naked comes with a wider 140-section rear tyre that not only gives high levels of traction when cornering, accelerating and braking – it also reinforces the bike's serious MT family image and accentuates the big-bike look and feel. In every respect this is a bike to be proud of.

High-specification 41mm upside down front forks

The MT-125 is equipped with an advanced chassis specification that compares favourably with many larger cc motorcycles. The high specification 41mm upside down front forks give 130mm of responsive suspension action for precise handling together with confident road holding – and the monoshock rear suspension is designed to deliver high levels of riding comfort.

New deltabox frame and aluminium swingarm

Running with a 1,325mm wheelbase that's 30mm less than the previous model – as well as revised steering geometry – the new Deltabox frame and aluminium swingarm enhance the bike's mass centralisation for an even more sporty, agile and thrilling ride. The new frame design achieves an idealised balance of vertical, torsional and horizontal rigidity to give excellent handling performance -and it features a wider pivot point that accommodates a new high-spec swingarm.

Manufactured from aluminium and incorporating special bracing ribs on its inner faces that fine tune the rigidity, the lightweight swingarm is built to handle the wider 140-section rear tyre that effectively transmits the new engine's high power output to the road surface.

Radial-mount caliper / 292mm front disc

The MT-125's specification continues to impress with its radial-mount caliper and 292mm diameter front disc. Usually associated with larger capacity models, the radial design reduces caliper flex to give accurate fingertip control at lower speeds together with outstanding stopping power at higher speeds.

Key features

  • New 125cc engine with Variable Valve Actuation
  • Assist and Slipper clutch
  • Modern and aggressive new body design
  • Dual slant-eye positions lights; LED headlight
  • High-specification 41mm upside down front forks
  • New Deltabox frame and aluminium swingarm
  • Wider 140-section rear tyre
  • Powerful radial-mount front brake caliper
  • Large diameter 292mm front disc brake
  • Sophisticated negative LCD instruments

New MT-03: feel the thrill as a true Master of Torque!

The Dark Side of Japan

With the launch of the iconic MT-09 in 2013, Yamaha initiated a brand new era inthe motorcycle world. Not only some of the recent best sellers in Europe belong to the Hyper Naked segment, but the Dark Side of Japan philosophy is widely recognised and is a core of a growing community of riders. It symbolises the strong link with Yamaha's Japanese origins, represents the brand's inborn values of excitement and thrill related to outstanding performance andcelebrates the unconventional attitude of the MT riders as true Masters ofTorque (MT).

Hyper Naked and the MT range

With the introduction of MT Yamaha clearly showed the intention to create a new type of motorcycle aimed at riders looking for a new way to express themselves.
This was just the beginning, as the Hyper Naked segment was quickly developed to grow in a range from 125cc through to 1000cc, offering riders the chance to step up in experience and performance through the complete MT line up. High spec models like the sporty SP versions on MT-09 and MT-10, and the MT-10 Tourer Edition, address specific niche customer needs and give further possibility to experience the world. In total, the MT range has sold over 241,000 units in Europe for the last 6 years.
Hyper Naked is in constant evolution and this is evident in the new MT-03. With a radical and aggressive new look and benefitting from advanced newtechnology and a higher overall specification, it is more MT then ever!

New MT-03: Dark Lightning

With its sophisticated engine, lightweight handling and true naked looks, the new MT-03 is fully in line with the signature MT family design.
Featuring a radical new look and feel, and equipped with a best in class 2-cylinder engine as well as state of the art suspension for precise handling andoutstanding agility, the new MT-03 is the ultimate step-up model for those riders who are looking forward to joining the MT family – as well as being one of the most attractive motorcycles for male and female riders looking for their first full-sized machine.

Aggressive next-generation MT design

MT-09 brought a radical and dynamic look to the streets of Europe. With its naked bodywork, mass-forward design, thrilling linear torque and outstanding agility, the first Yamaha Hyper Naked was an overnight success that proved to be the start of a whole new movement.
Created using the same athletic DNA that has made its 847cc 3-cylinder sibling one of the best-selling Yamaha models of all time, the new MT-03's aggressive next-generation design strengthens its iconic MT looks.

Dynamic new mass-forward body design

With a unique design that features a 'tightly-packed' look around the engine area, Yamaha's MT models project a forceful and predatory character that marks them out from other models. This mass-forward look is taken to the next level on the new model with the new 14-litre wide-shouldered fuel tank cover andlightweight air scoops that reinforce the strong family links.

Dual slant-eye positions lights; LED headlight

The 2020 MT-03 is more MT than ever thanks to its aggressive new face featuring dual slant-eye position lights that convey a predatory look and underline thepure MT DNA running through its veins.
While the new dual slant-eye position lights are the main focus of attention and give the new MT-03 a dramatic and menacing stare, the small but powerful LED headlight is positioned centrally and inconspicuously beneath the front cowl assembly. Projecting a brilliant beam of light, this minimalist design gives the new model a unique and charismatic look that reinforces the bike's bold andfuturistic style.
Slim and light new LED flashers perfectly complement the position lights and headlight and integrate well in the MT-03's aggressive new style.

Sophisticated 321cc 2-cylinder engine

At the heart of this next-generation Hyper Naked is one of the most sophisticated powerplants in the class, featuring a balanced 2-cylinder configuration that delivers a much smoother feeling at lower rpm compared to some single-cylinder models.
Its high-tech internals include carburized con rods and lightweight hea tresistantforged pistons whose low reciprocating weight reduces vibration and enhances throttle response – and the all-aluminium DiASil cylinders offer excellent heat dissipation properties for reduced horsepower losses.

New 37mm upside down front forks

One of the most significant technical upgrades for 2020 is the fitment of new high-specification upside down forks that deliver enhanced handling performance during braking, acceleration and cornering, to make the new MT-03 one of the strongest and most exciting performers in the A2 class. Featuring gold-coloured outer tubes and 37mm inner tubes, these new forks – together with the aggressive new front cowl and dual position lights – give this premium lightweight all of the presence and stature of a much larger capacity MT.

Long swingarm with new shock settings

Yamaha first introduced the concept of the extended swingarm on its YZF-R1 Supersport machinery, and the same technology is used to good effect on the new MT-03. Pivoting closer to the machine's midway point, the 573mm long asymmetrical swingarm reduces the variance in the bike's angle with the road surface to give a high level of controllability during braking, cornering and acceleration – and the shock's revised pre-load and damping settings and the stiffer rear spring further refine the bike's overall handling performance.

Lightweight and compact diamond frame

The MT-03's lightweight diamond-type tubular steel frame is constructed to give the optimum balance of rigidity which contributes towards the bike's agile handling and lightweight feel. By mounting the engine as a stressed member, Yamaha's designers are able to keep chassis weight to a minimum, and with the fitment of the new 37mm upside down forks as well as uprated rear suspension, the 2020 model is built to deliver the most thrilling and sporty ride.

Ergonomic riding position

The fitment of a new wide-shouldered fuel tank and revised bodywork has enabled Yamaha's designers to achieve the optimum riding position that enables MT-03 riders to experience the highest levels of comfort and control in different situations. The slim centre section allows the rider to mould their body closer to the bike, and the low seat height as well as higher-mounted handlebars and a compact frame guarantee a natural and ergonomic riding position that creates a special feeling of rider/machine unity.

New high-tech LCD instruments

The next generation MT-03 also benefits from new high-tech instruments that convey the feeling of quality that characterises this lightweight Hyper Naked. The state-of-the-art meter panel features a negative LCD display with all datadisplayed in white on a black background, and this new attractive multi-function design is also more convenient to operate.

Signature MT family look and high quality finish

With its dramatic new looks, redesigned mass-forward bodywork and new 37mm upside down forks, the MT-03 has the look and feel of Yamaha's larger capacity MT models. From the aggressive new dual-eye face through to the LCD instruments, LED flashers and cast aluminium upper triple clamp, this dynamic lightweight is packed with premium features and advanced Yamaha technology, making it the one of the most sophisticated models in the important A2 licence category.

Key features

  • Aggressive next-generation MT design
  • Dual slant-eye positions lights; LED headlight
  • Sophisticated 321cc 2-cylinder engine
  • New 37mm upside down front forks
  • Long swingarm with new shock settings
  • Lightweight diamond frame
  • Ergonomic riding position
  • High quality big-bike look and feel
  • New high-tech LCD instrumentsNew lightweight LED flashers

Yamaha unveils the new 2020 YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M

New YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M: R history. Your future.

Yamaha has been racing and winning ever since the company manufactured its very first motorcycle. Just 10 days after Yamaha Motor Company was founded on July 1st 1955, the YA1 – Yamaha's very first model – claimed first place on the podium in the prestigious Mount Fuji ascent race. Since that day racing has been an integral part of the company's DNA, and seven decades later this burning desire to compete and win is what defines Yamaha.

Whether racing a 125cc 2-stroke up a mountain in Japan or fighting for the lead in WSBK and MotoGP, the company's absolute commitment to racing is second to none, and this devotion to competition pushes Yamaha to create some of the most inspiring, exciting and technologically sophisticated supersport bikes.

Today's R-Series supersport segment features the widest line up of the most outstanding motorcycles ever built by Yamaha. Developed using the very latest technology from Yamaha's WSBK winning race bikes – and inspired by the advanced designs seen on the M1 MotoGP bikes – each R-Series model from 1000cc to 125cc has the potential to power today's thrill-seeking supersport riders into R-World, where boundaries are constantly pushed and ambitions are achieved.

Racing is and always will be the driving force that enables Yamaha to make motorcycles that lead the way, and for 2020 Yamaha introduce the new YZF-R1 and new YZF-R1M supersport models.

2020 YZF-R1

Built without compromise, the legendary YZF-R1 is Yamaha's ultimate supersport motorcycle.

Since this game-changing model was launced, one of the most significant developments in its history has been the introduction of Yamaha's revolutionary crossplane engine in 2009. Producing strong, linear torque, Yamaha's crossplane technology transformed the supersport riding experience with its high level of useable power, and marked the beginning of a new era in which Yamaha has focused on achieving enhanced rideability and control.

A huge leap forward came in 2015 with the introduction of a whole new generation of electronic control technology which enabled every rider to push their YZF-R1 closer to the limit. Although it shared the same name as its predecessors, the 2015 model was in effect an all-new motorcycle that marked the YZF-R1's transition from the analogue to the digital world, and in 2018 the introduction of even more electronic advanced rider aids underlined this flagship model's technological sophistication.

For 2020 the YZF-R1 features a radical new race-bred look together with a highly refined engine and uprated chassis that confirm its position as the ultimate Yamaha supersport. With its radical new MotoGP styling and now equipped with a total of seven electronic rider controls, the 2020 YZF-R1 is more than ready for the third decade of the 21st century.

New M1-inspired body design

Every R-Series model has been inspired by the YZR-M1, and the all-new bodywork on the 2020 YZF-R1 underlines the close link between Yamaha's MotoGP racing bike and the company's production supersport models.

Pure M1 DNA is evident in the aggressively styled front cowl and racing screen, and the new fairing's sides flow seamlessly into the fuel tank assembly to give a clean and fully integrated look that is enhanced by the use of colour matched lower tank panels.

As well as giving the 2020 model a more dynamic style together with a high quality feel, this new bodywork enables riders to reinforce the feeling of unity with their machine. Aerodynamic efficiency is increased by over 5%, giving significant performance gains at high speeds. And the newly styled LED headlights together with redesigned LED position lights further underline the radical next-generation look and character of the 2020 model.

This high quality bodywork also features a new aluminium air duct behind the front cowl that offers increased rigidity, and the lower section of the fairing covering the exhaust system is now manufactured from titanium.

Highly refined EU5-compliant engine

Producing 200PS, the 998cc 4-cylinder engine is one of the most exciting powerplants available in any motorcycle. Delivering the ultimate performance on the circuit, this sophisticated crossplane engine features a range of changes for 2020 that ensure consistently high levels of refined performance while also complying with the latest EU5 regulations.

Optimised high rpm performance

With its unique crossplane crankshaft delivering an uneven 270° – 180° – 90° – 180° firing sequence and producing maximum power at 13,500rpm, the YZF-R1 engine delivers high levels of linear torque to give the most thrilling ride together with an intoxicating character.

Yamaha's engineers have further refined the engine's outstanding high rpm performance with the adoption of newly designed finger-follower rocker arms and new cam lobe profiles that give an optimised valve lift and a more stable valve opening and closing at high rpm – which in turn ensures smoother and more efficient engine running.

Increased combustion efficiency

One of the most significant changes is the newly designed intake layout which features a redesigned cylinder head and relocated injector assembly that optimises engine performance. The throttle valves are moved closer to the combustion chambers to reduce intake volume for improved combustion stability and greater efficiency – and the new Bosch injectors are now positioned on top of the 45mm diameter throttle bodies, rather than beneath. These new 10-hole injectors deliver the fuel more directly into the combustion chambers, and also give a wider spray angle of 21.5 degrees in order to promote increased combustion efficiency.

Further upgrades include a redesigned exhaust system that features a total of 4 catalysers – with one pair located in front of the exhaust chamber and another pair at the rear – and both the silencer and also the engine heat protectors feature additional noise-reducing counter measures.

Increased engine efficiency

For increased engine running efficiency and reduced power losses the crossplane engine's crankshaft benefits from larger diameter lubrication holes together with larger diameter crankshaft journal bearings, and the oil pump uses a 10% more compact rotor. Other changes include resized oil passages in the crankcase assembly in order to optimise the oil pressure, as well as redesigned nozzles on the piston cooler.

Further detail changes for 2020 include a wider second gear pinion for increased transmission efficiency, together with the use of thicker plates on the final drive chain, and for improved cooling performance at the exhaust ports there's a revised cylinder head coolant passage layout.

Ride-by-wire APSG throttle for improved control

The Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) that controls the throttle valves continues for 2020, and for an improved throttle feel and reduced weight the YZF-R1 features a new APSG (Accelerator Position Sensor Grip) system with a magnet and a sensor that sends signals to the YCC-T. In order to retain the intuitive feel of a conventional twistgrip the new APSG unit features a spring, slider and gear that give a natural and progressive feel, and the settings are designed to give improved levels of control with enhanced rider/machine interaction.

Uprated suspension gives increased surface feedback

The YZF-R1's excellent 43mm Kayaba forks with 120mm of travel are regarded as being amongst the best in class, and the forks' inner structure has been modified to achieve an improved rider feedback. Newly designed damping valves are arranged in a laminated layout, and this feature – together with a slightly reduced fork spring rate and a revised fork oil level – transmits more accurate road surface feedback to the rider to give a more direct and natural handling feeling.

These changes to the front suspension are complemented by a modified steering damper as well as revised settings to the rear shock that further enhance the chassis performance of the 2020 YZF-R1.

Class-leading braking and roadholding

The YZF-R1's dual 320mm front discs with monobloc calipers are renowned for their remarkable braking feel and performance, and for 2020 they are fitted with a new high friction pad material that delivers even more powerful stopping. The rubber has also been upgraded on the new model, and the latest Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tyres offer outstanding traction together with accurate feel, enabling the rider to push harder when required.

State of the art electronic control technology

The YZF-R1 was one of the first motorcycles to feature next-generation artificial intelligence in the form of a 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). Equipped with gyro and G-force sensors that monitor pitch, roll and yaw – as well as an accelerometer to measure fore-aft, up-down and left-right acceleration – the IMU transmits machine status data 125 times per second to the ECU that controls of the YZF-R1's sophisticated electronic rider aids.

For 2020 this class-leading supersport benefits from two significant new advanced electronic control technologies that further increase this machine's outstanding potential on the track.

New Brake Control (BC) system – cornering ABS

The new Brake Control (BC) system allows riders to select one of two ABS modes – BC1 and BC2 – that best match their personal preferences and the riding conditions.

BC1 mode features a fixed level of ABS sensitivity, while BC2 mode has a flexible ABS sensitivity that is dependent upon the machine's lean angle and attitude. In BC2 mode the ABS sensitivity and intervention speed increase as the banking angle gets greater, giving added confidence and control when cornering.

Data relating to front and rear wheel speed as well as information from the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) – such as lean angle and slipping acceleration – is relayed to the Hydraulic Unit assembly and the ABS electronic control unit which make real-time calculations. This information then enables the Brake Control to prevent wheel lock ups by modulating the hydraulic pressure in the front and rear brake systems.

New Engine Brake Management (EBM)

Another new addition to the YZF-R1's impressive line-up of electronic control technologies is the Engine Brake Management (EBM), a system that offers riders the option to choose from one of three different levels of engine braking force (high – medium – low) to suit a variety of riding situations and personal preferences. Using data from various sensors including gear position, engine rpm, throttle position and throttle valve position, the ECU adjusts throttle opening, ignition timing and fuel injection volume to control the level of engine braking. EBM1 delivers the highest engine braking force, with EBM3 the lowest.

Modified Launch Control System (LCS)

The YZF-R1's Launch Control System (LCS) offers increased control during racing starts, and for 2020 the LCS1 mode has been modified to activate at 9000rpm with a throttle opening of 41 degrees.

With the addition of BC and EBM as well as the modified LCS, the 2020 YZF-R1 features a total of seven different types of electronic rider aids and control functions, giving its rider increased confidence and control in a wide range of riding conditions. Each electronic system has been designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems to give a natural and intuitive feel, enabling every rider to fulfil their true potential.

Comprehensive TFT instrument display

The YZF-R1's fully transmissive Thin Film Transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display has been uprated to include indicators for the new Brake Control (BC) and Engine Brake Management (EBM) features.

YZF-R1 New Features

  • Aggressive new M1-style cowling
  • Fully integrated bodywork for improved rider/machine unity
  • Aerodynamic efficiency increased by over 5%
  • Reinforced feeling of quality and M1 DNA
  • Uprated suspension for refined surface feedback
  • New 2-mode Brake Control (BC) cornering ABS
  • New 3-mode Engine Brake Management (EBM)
  • Optimised Launch Control System (LCS)
  • New APSG ride-by-wire throttle
  • Enhanced combustion efficiency and high rpm performance
  • Increased braking performance
  • New settings for steering damper
  • Latest Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tyres
  • Uprated TFT instruments with BC and EBM indicators
  • EU5 compliant engine

YZF-R1 Key Features

  • 998cc 200PS crossplane 4-cylinder engine
  • Linear torque delivery
  • Highly advanced electronic control systems
  • 6-axis IMU with Gyro/G sensors for 3D motion data
  • Power Delivery Modes (PWR)
  • Banking sensitive Traction Control (TCS) / Slide Control (SCS)
  • Front Lift Control (LIF) and Launch Control System (LCS)
  • Quick Shift System (QSS)
  • Short wheelbase aluminium Deltabox frame
  • Upward truss type swingarm / magnesium rear frame
  • Magnesium wheels and 17 litre aluminium fuel tank
  • Power mode selection system (PWR) adjustable riding modes
  • Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD instruments


Yamaha Blue
Tech Black

2020 YZF-R1 availability  

The 2020 Yamaha YZF-R1 will be available from September 2019.

2020 YZF-R1M

The YZF-R1M is the definitive Yamaha supersport motorcycle that has established a hard-won reputation as one of the most sophisticated and capable race bikes – as well as being regarded as the ultimate machine for passionate riders.

With its cutting edge electronic control technology and aggressive M1-inspired carbon bodywork, this exclusive track motorcycle offers every rider the opportunity to experience genuine factory superbike performance. Furthermore, with its highly advanced CCU and Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS), track day riders and racers are able to achieve the ultimate engine and chassis set-up without the need for expensive and highly specialist equipment. This in turn gives a greater number of riders the very real chance to realise their full potential and enjoy one of the greatest extreme sports ever invented!

The 2020 YZF-R1M benefits from a range of exclusive upgrades, in addition to featuring all of the changes that are described in the previous section on the YZF-R1.

New Öhlins ERS NPX gas pressurised forks

The YZF-R1M uses the latest generation Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) system that offers the highest level of adjustability for the ultimate control together with race-winning performance.

The 2020 model benefits from the addition of the latest Öhlins ERS NPX gas pressurised forks. These feature a small gas cylinder integrated within the fork axle bracket, and by exerting 0.6 Mpa of internal pressure, the gas reduces fork oil cavitation that is caused by negative pressure that occurs on the rebound stroke.

The new Öhlins ERS NPX gas pressurised forks contribute significantly towards achieving a more consistent damping force for increased levels of chassis control together with higher handling agility and reduced lap times.

To complement the improved performance of the new NPX front forks, the Öhlins Electronic rear suspension benefits from a modified preload setting.

New lightweight carbon tail cowl

New and exclusive for 2020 is a lightweight carbon tail cowl that complements the new M1-style carbon fairing and front fender. This use of ultra-light bodywork underlines the YZF-R1M's exclusivity, and contributes towards the machine's extremely light and responsive handling performance.

Stamped with its unique production number

The YZF-R1M is without a doubt the most exclusive supersport model in Yamaha's line up, and to recognise the pride of ownership engendered by this motorcycle, Yamaha are individually numbering each machine as it comes off the production line.

YZF-R1M Apps: A virtual Yamaha pit crew!

Yamaha has developed a number of apps for the YZF-R1M that give every rider full access to the sophisticated technology associated with factory teams. Intuitive software makes these apps straightforward to use and easy to operate, and with their ability to instantly adjust the YZF-R1M's advanced electronic rider control settings, these apps are like having a personal Yamaha pit crew.

YRC Setting App

The YRC Setting app enables YZF-R1M users to create their own personalised riding modes by adjusting the seven electronic control systems. Riders of all abilities can select their preferred level of support for each mode, and in some cases it is possible to turn off selected electronic controls. The system is quick and easy to use, and gives users the ability to fine-tune their motorcycle so it behaves in a way that suits their own personal preferences and riding conditions.


Y-TRAC is Yamaha's Telemetry Recording and Analysis Controller, and it enables users to access the YZF-R1M's CCU and download a range of data to a mobile device. Using Y-TRAC it's possible to view and replay log files in real time on a Google Maps® image of a race track, as well as analyse and compare everything from engine rpm and lean angle through to acceleration G forces, and also see when various electronic rider controls were activated.

YZF-R1M New Features

  • Highly sophisticated Öhlins ERS NPX gas pressurised forks
  • Lightweight carbon tail cowl
  • Aggressive new M1-style carbon cowling
  • Stamped with its unique production number
  • Updated Y-TRAC and YRC settings apps
  • Fully integrated bodywork for improved rider/machine unity
  • Aerodynamic efficiency increased by over 5%
  • Reinforced feeling of quality and M1 DNA
  • New 2-mode Brake Control (BC) cornering ABS
  • New 3-mode Engine Brake Management (EBM)
  • Optimised Launch Control System (LCS)
  • New APSG ride-by-wire throttle
  • Enhanced combustion efficiency and high rpm performance
  • Increased braking performance
  • New settings for steering damper
  • Latest Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tyres with 200-section rear
  • Uprated TFT instruments with BC and EBM indicators
  • EU5 compliant engine

YZF-R1M Key Features

  • State-of-the-art Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS)
  • Exclusive design with carbon and polished components
  • Carbon front fender
  • Communication Control Unit (CCU) with wireless remapping capabilities
  • 998cc 200PS crossplane 4-cylinder engine
  • 6-axis IMU with Gyro/G sensors for 3D motion data
  • Power Delivery Modes (PWR)
  • Quick Shift System (QSS)
  • Banking sensitive Traction Control (TCS) / Slide Control (SCS)
  • Front Lift Control (LIF) and optimised Launch Control System (LCS)
  • Short wheelbase aluminium Deltabox frame
  • Upward truss type swingarm
  • Exclusive entry to the European YRE events


Silver Blu Carbon  

2020 YZF-R1M reservation system

Yamaha will be operating an online reservation system for all YZF-R1M orders. The system will go live on July 25th 2019, and customers will be able to reserve their machine and also choose their preferred Yamaha dealer. Full details will be announced at the end of July.

Yamaha Racing Experience

During 2020 the exclusive Yamaha Racing Experience (YRE) will be taking place at selected European racing circuits, where owners of the 2020 YZF-R1M will be offered technical support and advice, and will have the opportunity to learn about personalised set ups and meet some of Yamaha's official riders.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

Yamaha offer a wide range of Genuine Accessories designed for the YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M including beautifully crafted aluminium billet parts, performance parts, slip-on mufflers and service items – as well as exclusive bolt on accessories that enable every rider to personalise their bike.

Riders looking for enhanced power with reduced weight can fit the Akrapovic exhaust system that's been specially developed for the latest YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M. With its more aggressive exhaust note and high quality construction, this titanium system is a must-have for performance minded riders, and is fully EU5 compliant. There will also be a special Akrapovic exhaust for closed circuit use only that is designed exclusively for track riders looking to explore the full potential of the new engine.

The Genuine Accessories line also includes endurance and sprint screens as well as crash sliders, along with a whole new selection of quality components that sharpen the looks, style and protection of these legendary supersport bikes.

New products are being continuously developed, and the Yamaha Genuine Accessories website is updated as soon as a new item is available. Yamaha is currently finalising the specifications and content of a range of new Accessory Packs designed for the R-series models, and full information will be made available prior to their launch in late 2019.

GYTR High specification racing components

Owners of the 2020 YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M can expect to receive some exciting news from the GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing) team. Benefitting from their involvement with the World SBK and Endurance campaigns, Yamaha's very own in-house development team has been working all hours to develop the next generation of high performance components and assemblies that will give private riders the ability to create their own factory-specification bike.

Full specifications, prices and availability of the new GYTR race parts will be announced in early 2020.

MyGarage App

Using the free MyGarage app, Yamaha R-series owners can configure their ultimate Yamaha supersport model in 3D. It's the fast and easy way to build a virtual Yamaha with selected Genuine Accessories, and MyGarage enables owners and potential owners to view, save and share any number of personalised builds. With over 1 million downloads, MyGarage is the most popular motorcycle configuration app.